1. J

    New BLHeli 12A ESC will not calibrate...HELP!

    I'm trying to calibrate the 12A Emax BLHeli ESC that came with my FT Tiny Trainer. My receiver is a Turnigy TGY-iA6C and it is successfully bound to my Evolution. For some unknown reason I can't get my ESCs to go into programming mode. When I connect the battery, the Evolution recognizes the RX...
  2. A

    Calibrate joystick help!

    I have a Turnigy Evolution and I noticed that when flying my drone rolls slowly left so I checked the Gyro and Accelerometer and they are fine, then I noticed my roll midpoint was at about 1484 intead of 1500. I tried calibrating it in the calibration menu and that did nothing, there are only...
  3. kpixels

    Quadcopter, Unable To Calibrate ESCs In Latest CleanFlight

    It's an Illuminati FC with built-in OSD and flashed with the latest Naze32 CleanFlight. On quadcopter everything else works fine in CleanFlight and it flies great. When I go to the motors page in CleanFlight I can click the button that I have removed the props, input via the GUI and my radio...
  4. MudMan

    Quad 250 Help

    Hey guys, first time here :D I've built a quad. obviously. I cant seem to get it stable.... I've calibrated everything as per instructions found here on the flite test site. Both the kk board and the qbrain quad esc work great in calibration mode but when i power up things go... hinky. I'm...
  5. S


    Help! Working on a MAC computer with AP 2.015. Have the Pixhawk system with GPS and a Spektrum DX8 radio. Can't get the Accelerometers to calibrate to save my life. Fails every time. Must be something simple, but I can't seem to figure it out. Can anyone make some suggestions. Thanks, Drew
  6. I

    Tricopter Yaw issues (APM)

    I have recently built a tricopter that has been flying well in stability mode until the past couple short flights. It now constantly turns to the left (yaw axis) now and I can still control it but I have to correct for left spin. I am using the APM 2.5 (hobbyking version) with an external...
  7. L

    ESC Calibration and fast beeping

    Hello, I am new to building a multirotor so please help me understand what the problem I'm experiencing and how to solve it as I'm still lacking some understanding. I am using Turnigy 25A Plush ESC with HK 3.0 Flight Board. Before I had calibrated my ESC with my tx, my motors would start at...