1. StatiK RC

    California Island Flying - took me 12 hours of editing

    I bought my Phantom 3 pro on a trip to California just to prove to myself it still had some life left in it :p I do have a p4 but I didn't want to deal with the vision sensors on the boat. I'm also fairly new to the p4 even though I have been flying my p3 for over two years now. Anyways I just...
  2. StatiK RC

    Whale Watching with Phantom = Awesome Footage

    This is possibly my favorite video I have shot, but it was ultra stressful to create. Thankfully the weather conditions in San Diego (near La Jolla) that day were as close to perfect as possible. The Whales in the video are grey (gray whatever) whales and the go south to mexico in the winter to...
  3. fastfred529

    Baylands Holloween BBQ and R/C Fun Fly October 16 11am-6pm

    Baylands BBQ and R/C Fun Fly November 6th 11am-6pm Come meet Me and Alan If your in driving range of Sunnyvalle California come and meet up. Sunnyvale Baylands Park 999 E Caribbean Dr. Sunnyvalle, Ca 94089 Hamburgers: $5 each Hot Dogs: $2 each Gooniac's Chicken Plate: $10 Drinks:$1
  4. T

    Paso Robles looking for people to fly with

    New to Paso Robles and looking for people to fly with.
  5. fastfred529

    Westcoast Flitetest Fans share where you live and what you fly.

    Fred Thompson here, living in Fairfield, California. Looking to meet and fly with other Flitetest fans in Northern California. My current fleet is: FT Dusty, FT Bloody Wonder with rudders ,FT Storch, FT MiniScout, FT Tiny Trainer, a SlowBipe MiniBipe, Diatone #23 quad, Deformation Insects 210mm...
  6. Croom

    Checking out my Local club and FPV Video

    Here is a video around my club in California, its in a really beautiful spot! Recently I discovered that I had a local RC Flying club with an airstrip. Instantly, I wanted to find out how I could get involved. We visited the field, and it was amazing. I’ve never belonged to an RC Club before...
  7. M

    Anyone from Monterey?

    Anyone fly in or around Monterey, CA? I am currently interested in tricopters, FPV and slope soaring. Tim
  8. N

    Indoor Event in San Mateo County, CA before end of 2013?

    Good evening, I'm exploring a few possible venues in San Mateo County for an indoor event, or series before the end of the year. Would anyone be interested? Cheers! Nick By the way, if anyone has any tips on putting together indoor flying events, I'm all ears! Thanks!