1. N

    Akk systems cameras

    I have been testing some akk aio cameras out and they are really good, price, weight, picture quality and build are all spot on. The akk bs2 is my particular favourite for my micro quads weighing 3.5g. But I tested the s2, the A3, ba3 and ba2 and all have similarly great results and look well...
  2. Beau_LunaWolf

    Gremlin Issue Help!

    Hello, Recently I was able to get my Gremlin up and flying. Quad is super quiet and is very smooth. I thought I would be ready to FPV, but it turns out my camera is having issues sending signal to my goggles. I currently am using the Fatshark Teleporter V4s that were sold under Horizon Hobby...
  3. F

    First Post / Camera Mount for FatShark 700tvl CMOS v2

    Hello everyone, I am new to the Flitetest forums, and am looking for a camera mount for my new FPV camera. I just bought a FatShark 700TVL CMOS v2. I am new to FPV, and am looking for a cheap mount that can be tilted up or down, depending on how fast I want to fly. I know racers often use FPV...
  4. H

    Thoughts on Hover Cam

    Hi I just bought a Hover Cam and I just want to share my thoughts on it. I’ve used Hover Camera and it’s pretty decent product for a drone beginner like myself. The photo and video quality is good, and it’s really easy to control in the air. Currently the company is offering a discount for CES...
  5. PilotSam

    Anybody know a good action cam to put on quads?

    Hello! What is a good action camera that records good video and is lite weight that would be good for quads. Maximum $75. Any suggestions?
  6. R

    FT210 HD camera mounting

    Hi I am new here. I just built the FT210 quad and have gotten to the point where I am flying it more than crashing it. So now I want to buy a camera like a Go Pro session or Polaroid cube and get some footage of my relatively tame flights. Thing is I am not sure how I would mount that cube style...
  7. TestMaster

    Cheap FPV

    Hey guys, I've been into the hobby for a while now and, recently, I've been wanting to fly FPV really badly but I'm not able to afford the cost. This is when I thought I could try to hook up a standard FPV camera to my phone and place the phone in a cheap, cardboard VR headset. The problem is, I...
  8. R

    My electrohub is in need of a upgrade.

    So miniquads has really extinuished the use of my electrohub. I'm still wanting to keep it, but it's not being used much It's got a kk2 controller, meh, it about as stable as a miniquad with a naze. It's ok, but not great. I would like to get into filming. So I'm wondering about doing a...
  9. K

    My first drone please!!

    I am wanting to get into drone flying for aerial photography. I want a package deal RTF and do not want to DIY, as this will be my first drone purchase. I was going to purchase the blade 350 QX3 based off flight test video recommendation, however it's not available anymore if I'm not mistaken...
  10. Snarls

    PAL vs NTSC for FPV Racing

    I hate to start another PAL vs NTSC debate, but this is mainly limited to fpv racing. I get that PAL and NTSC is like Europe vs US standards, but with current FPV equipment compatibility with both is now common. So if you're flying fast and reacting quickly, what format is best? It looks like...
  11. Andre

    Video Rig Upgrade

    Recently I added some hardware to my main video rig. While I'm still saving up to buy a proper video camera these small low cost additon allow me to continue to use my action cameras. When I was doing the Tundra project a few issues became clear. The first one was the lack of monitor. The tiny...
  12. R

    Flight controller for electrohub?

    Hi everyone, I have a electro hub set up as a spider quad. I use it heaps, now I have a miniquad to go with it. My miniquad covers me when I just want to do acrobatics and proximity. With a recent addition of a gopro hero3+ I think I might be setting up my electrohub to film. I'm not wanting a...
  13. kacknor

    Camera / Mounts For Self Made Videos?

    What video camera and or mount system is most popular or easy (read: Cheap) to capture Maidens and other flights? I normally don't have anyone capable of molding a camera steady and flying with one hand is a skill I don't possess. Last night I maidened my newest Mini Sportster...
  14. C

    Can I use a fpv camera switcher on the 350qx3?

    I have a 350qx3 with a gopro gimbal hooked up to control from my dx8. The quad has two servo connectors in it and one is occupied with the gimbal. So my question is could I control another device like a servo along with the gimbal at the same time? Thx.
  15. P

    Chosing Parts For My Quadcopter

    So I am fairly New to the R.C Hobby, But I have watched a lot of flight test and season 1 of Maker Hangar by Make. So I know a little bit. I want to make a fairly powerful quadcopter that can lift a GoPro with a Gimble. I want to make it similar to dji in the sense that the extra power gives me...
  16. B

    808 Keychain Camera

    First post! Just starting the RC Plane hobby with previous quad-copter experience with the Hubsan H107L. I got a Keychain Camera from China through Amazon to test out once I can keep my plane in the air for more than 10 seconds. Its the swap-able nutball scratchbuilt. Anyone had success with...
  17. J

    Mobius Camera Repair

    I've begun using a mobius camera, and after a nasty crash, the camera lens has a scratch on it. I'm going to buy a couple of replacement lenses (at about 1/2 the cost of the camera itself), and have already seen a video on how to swap out the lens/sensor. Does anyone know how to remove a...
  18. Snarls

    New Camera Goodies From DJI and FLIR

    Was searching the 'webs when I saw some posts from Austin and Flitetest about the new DJI Zenmuse x5 camera and gimbal. A new interchangeable lens camera with aperture, shutter speed, etc adjustments from the remote. Check it out. I wonder if you will be able to buy the camera separately (Edit...
  19. Andre

    Next Camera Review

    Following the C10 review. GearBest wants to send me another camera to put through the ringer. I'm going to redo the C10 as I redevelop all my testing standards. The new tests will now include more aerial video, fpv and naturally durability. I'm building up a new 250 quad which will handle a...
  20. K

    [B]Share your camera settings and tricks here! [/B]

    What type of camera do you use? What setting do you find best for aerial footage? (720 60? 1080 30?? etc) What angle do you like the most? How do you mount/ what do you use to mount your camera(s)? What is your favourite thing to video? Scenery? Sports? Etc What do you like to see in aerial...