1. eagle4

    any Flitetest planes under 250g

    Hey gang, What FT planes can be built to be under 250g? Just looking at building my next one and keeping it under 250g means i can fly it in Canada without restrictions. I reckon the mighty mini series would be ok. but what about the FT Sparrow? Have you guys weighed your planes?
  2. M

    Vous n'êtes pas seuls.. You're not alone

    Un forum FPV pour le Québec! Québec FPV forum, check it out!
  3. S

    RacingFPV - First "real" Mini-Quad FPV Race in Canada 2015-02-15

    Here's a recap of the races last weekend in Clinton, put on by ... and here are a couple of my vids from the race... ... looking forward to the next race. :)
  4. CYYZMichael

    Toronto indoor fields

    Do any of you know of a good indoor field near Toronto, Ontario? Thanks Mike
  5. T


    Has anyone considered a Canadian meet up? I live in Ottawa and I know a few Flitetest fans, I'm sure there's a big following here in Canada. We are all so easy going up here, you'll love it.
  6. H

    Cold lake

    I'm a resident of Grand centre (Cold lake south) Been watching flite test for six months, big fan of what they do. And decided to take the plunge with both feet, and built a custom "Dead cat X-quad" I'm waiting on some servo leads from HK, And looking forward to the maiden flight. Part list...
  7. C

    Who's going to Flight Fest?

    Who from Ontario will be going to Flight Fest? I'm in Barrie and leaving Thursday after work with wife and two dogs. Booked the Days Inn Carrollton. Been watching the show for 2 years and looking forward to meeting the guys.