carbon fiber

  1. S

    Onyx and fiber 3D printing on Markforged Mark 2

    Hello, My name is Dave, and I have a Markforged Mark Two Fiber printer as well as a PLA, TPU, PETG, ABS printer. I can print plane and drone parts, and I'm trying to design my own drone for flight (although the last time I made something that flies it was run on a crystal radio in 2003...)...
  2. KarlBormanAZ

    Help! Elevator/H. Stab repair with CF strips - anyone tried this or similar repair?

    One side of the horizontal stabilizer on my newly built Cruiser (Tigger Twin) folded and the elevator ripped in the middle. No crash prior (or after). Landed with half an elevator and a flapping H. Stab! :) I think there may have been a weak line in the foaboard, or the sheer speed of...
  3. M

    Carbon Fiber wings

    Hey guys, I'm just new around here and I have never actually built a plane before. Today I got to watching some of the videos on the DIY foamies from FT and Experimental Airlines (The Armin wing). I am learning a lot about how models are built, and it doesn't look nearly as intimidating anymore...
  4. Triple Ace 2142

    Newish to the Forum

    Hello Flite Test community! I'm newish to the forum, I've had an account for a while but I never did anything with it until now! A little about myself, I'm 21 and I've been flying for over 11 years. I've flown just about everything under the sun, from race quads to 3d helis, to scale...
  5. S

    Carbon Fiber Versa Wing

    I printed out the plans for the versa wing tiled them together and transferred them to foam board. Im intending on doing a blunt nose versa wing for fpv. Im in the process of the covering procedure today ill be using west systems 105 and 205 epoxy resin and hardener (was hoping i had 207...
  6. A

    Tri Copter inspired by RC Explorer

    Hi All I'm quite a fan of David's Tri-copters, but unfortunately because of the exchange rate, not all is always as easy/affordable as it is suppose to be. Lucky for me I do have some CAD skills and there is always someone some where with skills and materials. So looking at whats available...
  7. J

    Carbon Fiber Repairs / Custom Work

    Southwest Composite Works is your trusted source for carbon fiber drone repair. Located in Albuquerque New Mexico, Southwest Composite Works can fix any damaged carbon fiber components. Carbon Fiber is one of the most repairable materials so instead of replacing the damaged component(s), get...
  8. J

    SALE: Officially Retiring from RC Scratch-building:

    SOLD Sold, thanks to all
  9. C

    Most Reliable/Best Brand of Props?

    It won't be long before I'll need to buy the first set of props for my quad build and there are so many options out there I'm spoiled for choice (building a Tarot Ironman 650 with NTM Prop Drive 28-30S 800KVs). In the past wood has always been my favorite for glow models, but after doing some...
  10. A

    Benefits of Carbon Fibre Props

    Hi All, I've got to the point with my 550 that I feel I'm ready for some carbon fiber props, I've not broke a prop in at least 3 flights! ;). Before I shell out my hard earned money, what are the benefits of using carbon fiber props? Thanks Aran