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  1. Spitfire with Cat

    Spitfire with Cat

  2. D

    "The Towel" Brooklyn Aerodome

    I heard of "The Towel" (or to the Brooklyn areodomers, the Flack) wingplane a while ago in a MAKE issue, and I ordered some of the parts and am going to build it. Can you guys do a review, Or has anyone else built it and thinks it is awesome?
  3. Maksym

    The Perfect Wallpaper!

    I always catch my cat doing weird stuff around the house, this one was worth to take a photo of! I would like to ask not to take credit of this photo since it is on my portfolio of my company.
  4. MudMan

    Remote control taxidermy?!?

    For pops and giggles.... maybe... Depends on how stable you are. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/06/06/cat_quadcopter/
  5. S

    Cat Copter - so wrong but still so interesting

    So I was watching the news tonight and I saw a flying cat... I had to laugh, yet still feel sorry for the cat that was hit by a car. I guess the silver lining in all of this is, that the cat will forever be able to chase the birds in his 10th life as a quadcopter! :)...