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  1. Crawford Bros. Aeroplanes

    Power Pack B Cessna O-1 Bird Dog

    Here's my first somewhat successful build: a Cessna O-1 Bird Dog Army Scout. After my first overambitious Stearman crashed I decided I needed to start with something simpler, so I started work on a this Cessna C-180 (https://www.flitetest.com/articles/cessna-180-swappable-with-plans). After...
  2. C

    Question about cheap park flyers

    Howdy all, just joined. Looking for a small park flyer to replace my old HobbyZone Champ (RIP). Budget is tight, but I'd like something that looks scale. What are your thoughts on the Wltoys F949 Cessna 182? Has anyone tried it? Why is it so much cheaper? Is it a decent low-budget plane, or...
  3. C

    Giant Foam Cessna Showdown

    Show Suggestion: how about a head-to-head between the (newly repaired!) E-FLite Cessna 150 and the Flex Innovations Cessna 170 that you showed us in March? Both Big, Both lovely, Both Foam, I'd love to know. Thanks,