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  1. P

    Rocket challenge!

    Hey guys =D As we all know, David Windestål loves planes, and he has an affinity to bring things to the edge until nothing is left. It has been so with the rocketplane he destroyed with a f-rocket he glued into this. Today I've seen a Video about selfmade candyrockets, and I assume that this...
  2. M

    Challenge: Ducted Fan Everything

    I was looking at the Kracken and thought about how easy it would be to mount ducted fans on top of the wing. Then I thought about what else you could mount ducted fans on (Versa, obviously, but also the Cruiser, maybe). How many designs can you throw ducted fans on? Also, I have ordered the...
  3. S

    How about a scratch built discus launch glider?

    I have puttered around trying to use the Flite Test foamboard technology to come up with a discus launch glider, but haven't had much (well, any) success. Have you guys thought about that? I have built and modified several Simple Soarers (love that plane) and I keep thinking there ought to be...
  4. J

    USS Los Angeles Designation ZR-3

    hey guys first off i really enjoy your show and love the challenges and all the other things you have already done. be looking for my order for a electrohub coming soon as FPV is something i have been wanting to get into for sometime but didnt know how to go about it until i found your channel...
  5. Jnr Kuzi

    CHALLENGE : Scratch Build A Helicopter

    Hey guys, hope all is well with you. As for im fully recovered & im back to working. scratchbuilding has taken over this wonderful hobby & its a good thing because people are actually getting to learn the physics of life & each day getting more & more inspired. However i feel we are focusing...
  6. G

    V22 VTOL scratch build??

    My first forum post here. Hope I obeyed all the etiquette. :P Just finished my first scratch build, a 4channel mix of a 300s and a Mustang. Still dialing in the CG. Used lots of tips and tricks from here! So thanks all for the inspiration! But it got me thinking, how cool would it be to have a...
  7. C

    FPV Cargo plane

    I have been thinking, so there are lot's of FPV airplanes, and there are a couple of planes capable of carrying cargo, so what about combining them and making a practical airplane? The goal: To create an airplane, big or small, that includes long range FPV, a good battery and a cargo hold with...
  8. C

    The Whack-A-Birdie challenge!

    Hello, my name is Charlie, (Charlie123 is my forum name here, as you can see). I am challenging those who see this challenge, to drop a large number of Badminton birdies from a plane, and then do one or more of the following (pick one or more): (Note): Any of the things below can be partially...
  9. G

    german speed demon

    Hey i love ww2 planes and saw a German plane that had one pusher and one puller prop. counter rotating to counter act the spin. this made the plane extremely fast. I'm wondering if you could design a plane that uses that same Technic to achieve extreme speed.
  10. Jnr Kuzi

    $50 mega plane challenge

    I Would Like to see the cast of FT Have a scratch built dual rotor Plane Battle in which they can only spend $50 bucks on each plane. Rules 01. In that $50 bucks, they should buy - Foam, Servos, 2motors, esc's, e.t.c 02. Plane must Have a minimum of 100cm wing span. 03. Plane must be Ground...
  11. bitogre

    Joe Nall Challange

    I think Flite Test should accept Hobby King's challenge for Joe Nall: attempt to land and launch a plane from the deck of an RC Aircraft Carrier that Hobby King is going to bring to Joe Nall. They should use ether an existing design or one specifically designed for this challenge. Of course...
  12. T

    Challenge: Ram a large plane out of the sky with small planes!

    I think that a cool challenge would be if one of you flew a large, delicate balsa wood plane while everyone else flew Piper Champs repeatedly ramming it with the intent to knock it out of the sky.
  13. B

    Micro quadcopter episode

    Would it be possible to have an episode on popular micro quadcopters? I know you just did the nano qx challenge, but If you did this could it be more like a competition, a "Mini Micro Nano Quadcopter Challenge" so to say, like the easiest to learn on, the the quickest, the most indestructible...
  14. R

    Hight challenge

    Fly a plane has to be electric as high as you can only using 1 motor 1 battery 4ch and must take off and land safely. Fpv can be used. Good luck:cool:
  15. B

    How about merging RC cars with aircraft? Flying car?

    Maybe you guys can take on a challenge to build a flying rc car or truck (attaching wings to off the shelf rc vehicles). Also, maybe you can even use a fast truck like a brushless revo to launch a glider. This is some thing I haven't seen before.
  16. C

    Who can make the largest Foam board plane

    Love the show, wish I could get down to NEAT to meet you guys, maybe I can talk my wife into next year :-) I thought the show that Josh and Dave did competing to make the fastest plane or planes from the Disney movie, really brought the best out of both of them. With these high winds we get...
  17. T

    FT Bomber - A B-36 Peacemaker Adaptation

    Josh/David: It would be pretty awesome to see you guys build bombers. My thought was a ridiculously large bomber based on the B-36 Peacemaker that uses foam board and several techniques used on other swappables. It would be awesome to see a bombing run challenge utilizing your creation. I have...
  18. A

    Take a childs plastic toy, and turn it into an r.c.

    Take a cheap plastic toy. Could be a plane, or a bird, or a spacecraft, etc. Cut it a little, add servos, motor and electronics, and see how it flies. Preferably one that can be obtained by most people, just in case it actually flies well! CHALLENGE :-)
  19. RoyBro

    Flying Toasters

    Who remembers one of the first commercial screen savers called After Dark? Their trademark screen saver was the flying toasters. http://youtu.be/0Cm7tv5cM8g It's time to put another kitchen appliance into the sky.
  20. RoyBro

    After Dark - Flying Toaster

    I'm listening to your interview on the CrashCast and thought about your comments about disjointed stuff for challenges. Being an older computer geek, I suddenly remembered one of the first commercially available screen savers called After Dark. The Flying Toasters became a sort of trademark for...