1. ShrimpRex

    Champ repairs

    Photos coming later probably. First, a little intro so you know what's going on: I taught my friend all he knows about flying with my little champ. He then bought one and got into flying that way. Over the years his plane has gotten in worse and worse condition and it has come to a point where...
  2. C

    Question about cheap park flyers

    Howdy all, just joined. Looking for a small park flyer to replace my old HobbyZone Champ (RIP). Budget is tight, but I'd like something that looks scale. What are your thoughts on the Wltoys F949 Cessna 182? Has anyone tried it? Why is it so much cheaper? Is it a decent low-budget plane, or...
  3. Z

    Problem with a Micro Scout.

    I recently bought, and managed to kill, a Champ RTF. Having watched FliteTest for a while, I decided I would try to reincarnate the electronics in a new body, and picked the Mighty Mini Scout, I built one full size, and the body was sadly too heavy for the electronics. After watching the Micro...
  4. U

    Basic transmitter/receiver question

    I bought a Hobbyzone RTF Champ plane, and I have started moving on to scratch building. I was wondering if I could use my Champ's transmitter and bind it to another receiver. If so, which recievers would be compatible (Hobbyking link if possible) and if not, what is a better transmitter that I...
  5. C

    UMX Pushrod Alternatives.

    Hi, I have a Champ that I need to install pushrods on. I have a replacement set, but are there other options that will work on the UMX planes? I know there are connector options for the larger sizes. I was thinking either clamp style or the screw mount.
  6. C

    Capt_Beavis' Quick Noob Plane Reviews.

    Hobby Zone Champ RTF: This plane is obsolete with the introduction of the much better Sport Cub S. A lot of people have learned to fly on this plane but I wasn't one of them. My Champ would nose dive into the ground and not recover on almost every flight. I think I only had one or two short...
  7. J

    V-Wing Champ!

    V-Tail Champ! Messing around with an old champ body this is what happened. I'm heading to the hobby shop monday to get a new motor and gear box then i'll post some video of it flying. I'm using a dx6i's v-tail setting.
  8. C

    The Champ goes down.

    I am new to RC planes. I somehow came across Flite Test and it inspired me to try them out. I started out with a Hobby Zone Champ since it seemed like a good starter plane. My plane arrived yesterday and it was a bit windy but I decided to try it at the park, planning on trying a quick low...
  9. B

    Duet or the Champ RTF for first plane?

    Hey I am new to the forums and am really wanting to get into RC planes. I am trying to get a decent priced starter plane. I am looking at getting either the Champ or the Duet RTF for my first plane. I noticed that Horizon Hobby carries both planes for under $100. I was wondering which plane you...
  10. CrackerMcGillicuddy

    Champ Wing & Other WIngs

    My old Hobbyzone Champ has had a hard life, it was my trainer so it got bashed up good. I've changed it around a few times. First I changed it to a 1930's racer - the ChampRacer: Then I made it into the ChampUAV: Now it's the ChampWing: The hardest part of the project was getting the...