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  1. LeeBee71

    Help! Reflex V2 connect to Spektrum AR620

    Dear Brains Trust, I am rapidly growing older trying to sort this problem out. I crashed my RocHobby MXS V2 and have rebuilt it and I am at the stage of trying to reconnect the Brushless motor > ESC > Reflex V2 Flight Controller > AR620 Spektrum receiver. Please note: that if I leave the...
  2. Hayduke27

    First Twin- Question About Connections

    I have just about finished building the FT Guinea Pig, which will be my first twin engine airplane. I am currently connecting all of the electronics, and was hoping somebody could line me out a little on whether or not I'm doing things correctly. As I currently have things hooked up, I have...
  3. T

    How Do I Connect Wiring to Turnigy 9X Receiver

    I need to know how to use the channels when connecting the ECS and Servos to a Turnigy 9X Receiver? IE - What is plugged into each channel on the Receiver? The receiver was initially set up by a friend, and Bound to the Radio, but I removed all the connectors to work on some items and promptly...