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    Banana Plugs question

    I'm building my first plane and bought two batteries; a larger one and a smaller one. The banana plugs on the BEC are 4mm. My larger battery is 4mm so no problem there. My smaller battery is 2mm so won't fit. Is there an adapter available somewhere that will allow me to use my smaller battery...
  2. J

    Returning to hobby after 35 year hiatus, connector questions

    My last R/C was a Sig Skybolt with Airtronics 4 channel and a K&B 61. Do not split-S from below 1-error altitude. I just got an XK A600 DHC-2. Have never dealt with all the tiny connectors, in fact never had to deal with LiPo batteries not inside another gadget. The charger with the plane has...
  3. S

    How do you connect 2 servo's for ailerons into 1 wire for the receiver?

    Hey everyone, I am picking my components for the FT 3Don hobbyking, and I have everything except something to connect the two different servo's in the wings together. I mean, there is only 1 port for ailerons on the receiver. How am I supposed to do this? You use a Y-harness for this right? I am...
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    Will a 3.5mm bullet connector fit into another 4mm one?

    Hey guys, On the motor that I'm buying for my Bloody Baron there are these 3.5mm gold bullet connectors. I still have some gold 4mm connectors lying around. Do you think I could use these together? I mean, it's only 0.5mm difference, which is..... not a lot. I don't really want to spend another...
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    Receiver (and transmitter) for FT Flyer? Receiver and battery problem

    Hello, I recently ordered the necessary components to build a FT Flyer from HobbyKing. As I live in the Netherlands, I ordered everything from the HobbyKing warehouse in the Netherlands (cheap shipping). However, there were no cheap transmitters and/or receivers in stock. Coming weekend I am...
  6. A

    Sick of Deans connectors- what connector do you recommend and why?

    I have sweaty hands this time of year to go along with already pudgy fingers. when it is warm outside i have to use some kind of cloth to help me get my deans connectors separated. i am ready to change connector types. what type do you recommend. at this point i am leaning towards the XT60 type.