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  1. CatholicFlyer

    SOS Controller For Champ Not Right

    Okay, the Champ came, got the controller talking to the plane and everything started fine, then for some reason the stick used for elevator and rudder, became the throttle lever, boy that thing has power, but we can't get the elevators and rudder stick to do it's job, tried flying, dead stick...
  2. ServoCity

    15% OFF Entire Site @ ServoCity (servos, transmitter/receivers and EVERYTHING!)

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  3. J

    Repurpose DJI Phantom 3 Standard Controller

    I just discovered Flite Test and my son is excited about building and flying RC planes. He has a DJI Phantom 3 Standard. It is possible to use Ph3 controller with another receiver for 3 or 4 channel flight on an FT Mini Tiny Trainer or Ft Explorer?
  4. M

    Best flight controller for 250 quad w/ alt hold???

    Hey everyone! Need some advice on the best fc to use for my 250 quadcopter. I'm using a turnigy 9x with frsky xjt only, no other mods, stock firmware. I've been wanting to move away from the SPRacing f3 boards for some reason, I've broken 3 of them and have tried the acro, then deluxe, then...
  5. S

    New Spectrum DX6i for sale, never used

    SOLD - New Spectrum DX6i for sale, never used SOLD I bought this a couple years ago to do a build I never did. I decided to go a different direction so I'm selling the Spectrum DX6i. It does not have an receiver with it. Since it's been sitting for a couple years and NiMH battery's have a...
  6. M

    3 Axis Gimbals: Nube Needs Advice

    I have built a large copter capable of carrying a DSLR, and now I'm looking at putting a gimbal on it. I have the gimbal, but am looking for a controller. Can anyone give me advice on a good controller that is relatively easy to set up? I've been looking at the AlexMos 32bit 3 axis...
  7. D

    Obscure Brand of ESC - Throttle Calibration

    Has anyone had any experience with ESC's like the one in the above photo? I can't find any documentation for them and they don't seem to adhere to the usual throttle calibration process of signalling max throttle, plugging into the battery, then signalling the lowest value. Any help would be...
  8. R

    Out of control - need help on initial setup

    Out of control - need help on initial setup [solved] hello! im just setting up a new quad, with an F3 and frsky receiver - i could successfully bind, but for some reason im not getting the control inputs in cleanflight the receivers SBUS connection is on CH3 of the flight controller (ofc i...
  9. R

    New brushless gimbal controller?

    Hi everyone. I bought this gimbal awhile ago from a auction and got it cheap. Wanting to get it working again so I can use it with my electrohub, just as a aside from miniquads. pretty sure it's an arris cm2000 Problem is that I cant get it to level no matter what. I flashed brugi onto it...
  10. M

    Flightstick Options

    Dear FliteTest and friends! (Sorry this is very long and not related to just the transmitter, but oh well) I have finally worked up the courage to sign up and write something after being a VERY long time watcher and lurker… and a VERY unsucessful flyer. I used to do a lot of indoor flying with...
  11. SanKouKai

    How to pilot a quad in the safest condition in case of fly away ?

    How to control a quad in the safest condition in case of fly away ? Hi, this is my first time on this forum and i'm a newbie in the quadcopter world ! First of all sorry about my English. So, I just finished (and crashed) my first quadcopter. And even if I tried, before flying, to get the...
  12. G

    why not cheaper?

    so before you go all judgy on me, i have almost no experience when it come to electronics in the rc-departement. So i bought this WLtoys V666 quadcopter witch made me very happy and included a controller. I only paid around 120 euros for this. So imagine my surprise when i looked on the internet...
  13. B

    New Quad problem. motors? escs? fc??

    Did my Flip32 S**t the bed??? or the motors/esc's??? Hey guys! Im new to the multirotor world, I just built my first quad and finally got it up in the air the other day with zero issues without any tuning. but after my first flight i ran into some (what appears to be) serious issues. if you...
  14. W

    Versa Wing Build

    How do you sinc a controller to the plane you built? do you just flip through the channels till one works?
  15. Mastrmindz

    Problems Communicating with Witespy aka Paul Baxter aka RTF Quads

    Hey FT. I have a problem and I am hoping you can help me out. (I am not sure this is the right forum topic for this issue, but it is slightly related to customer support). I have been in the hobby for a few months now. Back in late May, I had to replace my KK 2.1 board and decided to go with...
  16. D

    Multiwii Pro won't react to transmitter-H-Quad Scratch builld

    Hi everyone So i've just build my first quad following the Flitetest H-quad plans. The only difference is that i'm using the Multiwii pro with GPS board for control. My problem is that i can't get the board to recognize anything from my transmitter. I know the transmitter/receiver works fine...
  17. thenated0g

    Naza-m v2 work as controller for non zenmuse gimbals?

    Been searching Internets for a while. Does anyone have any experience with using the naza as a controller for non zenmuse (h3-2d / h3-3d) gimbals? Not sure if it really can do other gimbals and nobody has documented it yet or just bad advertising on non US websites.
  18. A

    Help with HKPilot Mega 2.5

    I've spent close to 100 hours trying to get my FT Bat Bone tricopter flying. I've burnt a DF13 connector and an ESC, and broke one of the arms off and it still hasn't left the ground. While I've been flying and scratch building rc planes a few years, this is my first 'copter', and I'm in over...
  19. B

    Reversing props on a tricopter with KK2

    Hello all! My first post on Flitetest forums! I just got into flying multirotors and decided to start with a tricopter. (And I'm starting to realize that starting with a tricopter may not have been the best of ideas..) I've managed to scour the web and various RC forums to be able to get my...
  20. A

    HKPilot Mega Uses

    Can not get my brand new HKPilot Mega to connect to my OSX Mavericks, Win 7 Bootcamp or my Vista Toshiba laptop. It does get power and behaves exactly the same as it does if connected to a battery thru the HK Power Module. Anyone else on here familiar with this? I've probably spent 20 hours on...