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  1. nhk750

    HELP!!! My Storch is not lost...

    Well, I know where it is, but unfortunately, I can not reach it... As you can see, the Storch is towards the top of the tree, how it got there? Well, I looked down at my Tx for one second and smash!!!! Went right into the tree... I tried climbing the tree, but could only get this...
  2. tmack

    Pilot Error Rubber Band Strength

    I have had my share of busted props, bent landing gear, lost a horizontal stabilizer, but never a major wipe out. The fuselage stick on the Slow V was very weak and I had to replace that a couple times, but for my regular planes we were pretty uneventful in terms of crashing until recently...
  3. E

    So this Happened Yesterday - Mid Flite Nose Blender

    Memorial Day, free afternoon, beautiful weather, and a box full of charged batteries. This is going to be great! I pull into a vertical and make it about two hundred feet up, and I hear a WHOMP! One of my wheels on my landing gear goes flying off, and my motor and prop appear to be dangling...
  4. L

    Hello Flite Test Forum

    Hello Flite Test forum.
  5. Electric Mike

    Horizontal stabilizer falls of in 3d flight - Parkzone Sukhoi 29mm

    Hey Everyone, here is my story and question: I have about 30 flights on my Parkzone Su29mm, and I am now rather consistent at smooth flights. It is actually rather simple to land, and I am just starting to explore some advanced 3D maneuvers. Very fun plane and looks great. Unfortunately last...
  6. flyingsquirrelRC

    This is incredible

    This is the kind of stuff that warms my heart. Someone going out of their way to help the hobby. If you excuse the incredibly poor language this is a real nice action to save their plane. Enjoy!
  7. S

    New Builder and Pilot from Colorado

    Hello everyone, I stumbled across the Flite Test YouTube videos and was blown away by the idea of building a flying airplane out of economical foam-core! I immediately went out and bought boards from Hobby Lobby and built a FT Might Mini Arrow. Then this weekend I finally had a chance to...
  8. R

    Just starting FPV quadcopter freestyle, first real video!

    I'm just getting started with making videos of this type, any feedback would be appreciated!
  9. L

    Naze32 Cleanflight Crashing Three Minutes Into Flight

    Hi All, Thanks first of all for all you do to get us newbs up in the air! I am building my second quad from scratch this time. I used the mini racing quad power pack for electronics with a Naze32 Acro and a homebrew H frame. I built a tether that supplies 12.6V/30A to an XT60 plugged into the...
  10. N

    First quad unexpected acrobatics. (Magic smoke/broken arms)

    Hey guys, Been lurking the forums for a few days, yall have a great community. Flitetest is one of my favorite youtube channels… often catch myself watching flying toasters and insect-like rubber band planes slowly circle around the room when I should be sleeping. (I also want Josh to drop...
  11. K

    Can I fix my motor?

    Attached i have two pictures of my damaged motor. It was damaged in a crash where my quadcopter lost power for some reason whilst hovering at about 40m up. Landed on concrete and all the other motors have some scratches but still work. However this one seems to be jammed or something. As you...
  12. K

    Homemade photography quad crash ...

    Hello, so I'v built and flown a couple of time my s500 quadcopter. It weighs 1.5 KG and hovers around half throttle. I have had a frequent problem of it just losing power suddenly, which is due to the turnigy banana connectors not being wide enough with the two banana connectors attached to the...
  13. dannyboy70000

    Wouldn't suggest a 75% FT-Flyer

    i recently decided to build a plane with my friend but we didn't have much foam and here in Australia foam board is around $13 per sheet of 900 x 600 and we thought it would be a good idea to build a 50% FT-Flyer, so we printed out the plans and realized that it was extremely small and there was...
  14. J

    Learning to Fly can be frustrating

    I tried a different approach to Slope Soaring (with some engine assist) and changed my launch position on the hill I fly on. The idea was to keep the plane to the north of me, away from the 'top' of the hill. Unfortunately there be houses over there. The Radian Pro got away from me and tried...
  15. dannyboy70000

    Post here your crash footage

    i want to make a landing or crash landing compilation on my you tube channel but i have very few crashes here is one of mine if you would like to could you please leave links to your crashes and your name and you tube channel if you have one so i can credit the footage to...
  16. Croom

    RC Car Destroys RC Plane LOL

    Don't worry guys, the 2D 3D Plane v2 is being worked on :P. This is a short random video of driving my Rustler over the dead corpse of my old prototype plane :rolleyes:. If you want to see the plane in action here's the video:
  17. Croom

    RC Car Destroys RC Plane LOL

    Don't worry guys, the 2D 3D Plane v2 is being worked on :P. This is a short random video of driving my Rustler over the dead corpse of my old prototype plane :rolleyes:. If you want to see the plane in action here's the video:
  18. N

    FT Viggen Crash-Causing Problem

    So I recently put together one of my first speed-build kits from flite test, an FT Viggen. I was super excited to get it in the air using the 70mm edf setup from Grayson hobbies. When I finally got out to a field by my house to fly it, I ended up crashing and wrecking the airframe on takeoff...
  19. Snarls

    MiniQuad ESC Prop Strikes

    Recently I have been noticing slices in the heat shrink around my ESCs, and it's not just one ESC, all of them seem to have been hit in some way. My ZMR250 has the ESCs mounted on the arms which is great for active cooling, but puts them in danger of prop strikes. I figure the problem is that...
  20. E

    Waterproofing Quad

    I've been traveling through my country, trying to get awesome shots from landscapes. With it being a tropical country and all, I am bound to get some rain. At first, I thought it would not be a big deal, because I could wait it out or just fly if it was only mist. But yesterday I almost lost my...