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  1. WindWalkerFPV

    1st Year Flying - Crashes / Close Calls / Progression

    Please watch/like and subscribe.. I tried to keep this short but ended up w/20+ minutes of nothing but crashes and really close calls. ENJOY. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12VjfU1DnCs&t=158s
  2. WindWalkerFPV

    Best Crashes/Close Calls 2016-Present

    Best Crashes/Close Calls since I started flying RC. Please subscribe I will be posting more videos regularly.
  3. WindWalkerFPV

    200% or 300% FT3D / FT3D V2

    Josh should build a larger high performance FT3D. On a side note I'd be happy to give some tips for designing an FT3D V2. I've been working on my own 3D Plane for the last year (originally based on the FT3D). It features some drastic design changes which improve overall performance and lower...
  4. WindWalkerFPV

    Innovative RC (New Crash/Close Call Compilation)

    Check out my Youtube channel.. It has some great fixed wing content showing scratch built designs epic crashes and RC product recommendations. Please subscribe I will be posting more crash/close call videos in the future. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12VjfU1DnCs&t=25s
  5. PilotSam


    Hello! This thread is devoted to crashes! Post your crash videos here, and tell us about what went wrong, and what the damage was like. We all crash, it's unavoidable in this hobby. But lets all be honest, it is funny to watch crashes!;)
  6. rfcgt

    My Old Foggy Won't Fly!

    I'm having some major problems with a scratch build Old Foggy (not a speed build kit). It's unflyable. It rocks violently from side to side almost from launch. A half dozen or so rocks and it rolls over and lawn darts into the turf. I've tried reducing the throws and desensitizing the...
  7. Andre

    093 Rooftops and Phantom coffee

    093 Rooftops and Phantom coffee Wayne is back in the studio after being gone for awhile and lets us know about the RC runway at his new house. Andre fills us in on his devastating crash of the HMB quad and how it took a few days to recover it. Chris shares his shenanigans with Phantom 3 and his...
  8. themajik1

    59" AJ Slick Aftermath

    Well, no video but here is a pic of the aftermath of what happens when you lose rudder control at 15 feet above the runway hanging off of the prop! Interesting though, the wings are just fine. Saved the servos, battery, and receiver. Motor and the rest are toast. It was still a good day of...
  9. T

    RCgutt channel teaser - RC planes, rockets, mad Norwegians and a roll of toilet paper

    I've compiled a few clips of crashes and other fun stuff from the hilarious rcgutt channel, as a response to http://youtu.be/XiFdbmHJoDE Subscribe to http://youtube.com/rcgutt for your regular dose of Norwegian RC madness!