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  1. H

    Mamba f405 not getting connected to betaflight

    Hi buds, I completed my build yesterday, It flew like a beast Had a few crashes GPS antenna got disconnected from one of those crashes When I flew with all battery packs I connected to my PC to turn off that uart port It did not connect I'm using a 4s When I connected the battery the fc is...
  2. S

    flight test fail

    well this is my first post on any forum ever. just wanna say love the show josh n josh it got me intrested in the hobby. with that said i got my first plane in the mail today the cox sky crusier rtf. putting it together was a snap and from what i read flying it would be too even for a noob. i...
  3. B

    Epic Adventure

    First of all, i'd like to say i'm new to the hobby of RC flying, and i've only had my plane for 6 days, built yesterday i had my very first crash ever, counting my first few days in the hobby. I had been having a nice flight with my super cub, and the battery was getting low and a breeze had...