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  1. cdfigueredo

    Help! Help me grow my local RC community!

    Hello all! I have been a member of this incredible family for several years and I have learned a lot and intend to continue to do so. Today I am very grateful to all those members who have helped me to stay in the hobby with their incredible donations, they know that any piece no matter how used...
  2. cdfigueredo

    Help! Help starting my FPV adventure

    I have been interested in FPV flying for a while now and I just have the possibility to acquire the equipment. I have been doing a lot of reading to avoid throwing money away and I think I have a good initial purchase. I would like to get your opinions. After some research, my target goggles are...
  3. cdfigueredo

    SBD Dauntless from scratch (Scale looking)

    Hey, guys, I've been out of the hobby for a while, and it's time to come back. This time I'm going to go for my first really scale looking project, or at least something close to it. These are some images that I found on the internet of the plastic kits with a really amazing finish. Of course...
  4. cdfigueredo

    Tundra RC from scratch

    Hi, guys! For some time now I have been watching various threads of STOL aircraft building. I love the way the FT Simple Storch and FT Bushwacker fly, but I like the way real STOL planes looks. I'm a lover of scale model airplanes, even I haven't built one yet. Then, after my biloute trainer...
  5. cdfigueredo

    Making my own foamboard

    Foamboard is the soul of FliteTest, but what if you just don't have access to an foamboard source, or it's just too expensive? Running several tests I discovered how to make my own foamboard easy and cheap. :cool::cool::cool: This tutorial is aimed at those who like me do not have access to this...