1. Power_Broker

    Custom Arduino Transmitter

    I made an open-source, Arduino-based handheld transmitter. This handheld transmitter can be used in any robotics application that requires user input, but I'll mainly be using it for future custom RC planes. You can find all the files/documentation/software on GitHub. The transmitter includes...
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    50" pitts s1s
  4. S

    Onyx and fiber 3D printing on Markforged Mark 2

    Hello, My name is Dave, and I have a Markforged Mark Two Fiber printer as well as a PLA, TPU, PETG, ABS printer. I can print plane and drone parts, and I'm trying to design my own drone for flight (although the last time I made something that flies it was run on a crystal radio in 2003...)...
  5. Vimana89

    Solved Inspiration Poll: What Type of Plane Should I Make Next?

    Going to run this poll for a few days, and see where the interest is. I've got a couple electronics setups that are free to build around, and have been having a bit of an uninspired spell. I may build yet another plane before these results are closed out to keep busy, but I will take them into...
  6. Drizzel

    Help! a different quad frame

    Alright, I know that the title doesn't sum up my question very well, but it had to be short. I want to design a custom quad frame, and I do have the necessary experience with CAD software (I'm using Altair Inspire, for anyone interested). I would like to know if anyone has or knows about some...
  7. Power_Broker

    Arduino Scratch Build - "Screamin' Seagull II"

    Welcome to my build log for my next Arduino controlled RC scratch built airplane! Much of this project is going to be based off of work (especially in terms of software) found in my previous build log here. After my *very* successful test flight with my last Arduino plane, I've decided to...
  8. kimballgoss

    Selling - Aluminum Power Pods and firewall (custom made)

    Flite Test Aluminum Power Pods and Firewall (custom made) Did a test run seeing if I could make my own aluminum flite test parts at the metal fab shop I work at, I made a few but it's been a few years now so I don't need them anymore. There's 4 pods and 1 firewall. They are all made from...
  9. Spanky_Gazpacho

    Fiberglass Firewall

    Trying my hand at building a big slow foam board plane. 5ft wingspan and about 3ft long w/ a weird hybrid split v tail section that I made up. I've got the majority of the air frame built and I'm waiting on the motor and ESC to show up. I got to the part of construction where I needed to worry...
  10. Bando FPV

    FLITE TEST Taranis Splash Screen, Sound Pack, and Betaflight OSD Logo!!!

    Hey Flite Test enthusiasts! For all Taranis X9D AND Q X7 fans out there that want a little Flite Test touch to their radio, you're in luck! I created a Flite Test Splash Screen that will be shown everytime you boot up your transmitter! Here is the file for the Taranis X9D & X9D+ Splash...
  11. TJ@FT

    Flite Test starts doing custom quad builds

    Just wanted to share out an awesome thing I'm pretty excited about. We've (Ian and myself) built a couple hundred quads for people over the last year but it is finally official and much easier to get things rolling. Entire goal is to just let people know the service is available. Kicking off...
  12. J

    Custom Tiny Whoop Build (I need Advice)

    First off: I have a FlySkyI6 TX, and don't have the money to buy a different one. I also have a 250 quad and an Eachine QX70. My QX70 is really fun to fly, but it has it's quirks, its a little under powered, and incredibly fragile. (Held together by hot glue and hope) I really wanted a torrent...
  13. ItMightFly

    Free Computer Background Resource(off-topic)

  14. R

    How much do you engineer youre builds?

    After doing quite a few builds following peoples plans, Wanting to do some full custom plane builds. Wondering how much time people put into designing put into calculations, and theory to get it flying right. Or is it mostly guess and check. Going what feels right, and trying again if it...
  15. T

    **Help** CAD design needed.

    Hello everyone! I am reaching out to this great community for some help. I am needing a knowledgeable person to design a foam insert to fit inside a Home Depot case...the Rigid Pro 22" Pro Organizer, model 222571. The inside dimensions are @ 20 3/16 L x 10 3/4 D x 3 /1/2 thick. The Dx9 would...
  16. H

    TGY-i6 Custom painting.

    I recently had a crack at painting my Tx because it's relatively cheap and there wasn't much to lose. Not really happy with the end result, the front is really quite bad but the back looks nice, thought I'd post pics anyway. I sprayed 2 coats with gloss white and 2 coats of clear to finish it...
  17. Fuzzy Whumpkin

    Flysky FS-i6 Custom Paint

    I repainted my FS-i6 over the weekend, and thought i'd post pics:) I used Rustoleum flat grey primer, Rustoleum Flat Black Primer, and Rustoleum Textured somethin-r-other the only real modification i made was to file down the power button and gorrila glue some 60-grit sandpaper to it...
  18. R

    Making a new race frame using my CNC machine

    The last couple of months I was working on a new frame design. I wanted to make a very light and yet a very strong frame! The whole frame is made out of 4 mm carbon fiber and weights only 90 grams! Watch this video to see how the frame comes to life!
  19. R

    Pimp your ESC

    howdy! any one else have some sexy pimped ESC's to show? :p heres mine sofar in a before (left) after (right) shot - added roughly 1mm of acrylic coating, against oxidation and splash water - shorted the signal ground to the main ground wire, slightly reducing weight and complexity by only...
  20. F

    Custom Build... Thing. Need Advice

    So in preparation for an architecture internship I resolved to learn a few new programs. Instead of practicing modeling houses which is insaely easy, I modeled this thing. I actually discovered Flite test randomly letting YouTube play in the background while I did this. Now that I put in all...