customer service

  1. A

    lack of customer support / service?

    i recently ordered a gremlin from FT and when i received it, they had sent the wrong camera and odd screws for the body, not a big deal cause i have extra screws. ive emailed multiple times with for the past two weeks and so far the only response ive gotten was Jen asked what the order number...
  2. B

    Flitetest customer service is a nightmare.

    I placed an order for a $20.00 "explorer" kit (86635) at 1am and within two hours I changed my order to the all in one "ft explorer get started package" $190.44 with a $5.00 upgrade on the power pack from "B" to " C" and the authorization to charge my Amazon account on file the increase on the...
  3. ktmrocks

    How long does it take to get an order from Flite Test? Bad Customer Service?

    How long does it normally take to get an order from Flite Test? I live in the Pacific Northwest, and I placed an order for some firewalls and control horns on Monday. It seems that either I entered my email address wrong or FT recorded it wrong in their records. Anyway, I never got a...