1. G

    She broke in half!

    I charged 2 batteries today! Went for a flight and well.... Ploughed straight into the ground! Not sure entirely what went wrong, partly me, partly a freak gust of wind. Lost sight of it behind a tree, and that was it! I immediatley cut throttle and pulled back on the elevator to try and...
  2. landedit

    Battery bad after crash?

    Hello all, I just came across a situation where a friend had a crash landing with a FT Wonder. After crashing he realized his battery was no longer working and the front corner, where all the cables come out, are bent up a bit. It is a turnigy 2200 3s lipo. It no longer reports on a working...
  3. N

    Bix3 damaged, need help fixing it.

    Heyo! Somehow, my Bix3's tail got damaged while sitting in the garage for 3 months. Pictures on imgur: http://imgur.com/a/D4WtJ How would I fix it without buying new parts? (if possible) Thanks in advance, Nikolai :)
  4. Raptortech

    Does will over-volting destroy a motor? If so, why?

    Will over-volting destroy a motor? If so, why? Here's an interesting question: So let's say I take a motor designed for 3s and I give it 6s. When I do this, I prop way down so the motor only draws the same amount of current (or less) as it drew on the 3s setup with a bigger prop. As I...
  5. E

    Osprey build challenge!

    Hello Flitetest and Hobbyist, I would really like to see an osprey being built in the flite test workshop with the movable moters and bomb bay (Just look it up on the web to see what i mean). PS I found this guy on youtube that might help you get started...