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  1. J

    Changing an ESC

    Hi all! First post here, looking for a technical advice. Flew my Diatone Taycan into snow and seems like my ESC is malfunctioning (2 out of 4 motors doesnt spin up, sometimes none of them do). I'm planning on testing it with multimeter sometime later, but meanwhile I was wondering whether I...
  2. Mid7night

    For Sale: Diatone GT2 RTF Bundle

    Got this bundle in a trade, selling to make room for more projects. $200, plus shipping Frame: Diatone GT2 (2016) Radio: FlySky FS-i6 Charger: Turnigy Accucell 6 (needs powers supply) Batteries: 2 x 1300mAh 4S, 60C What's on the frame: Diatone Branded Edge Racing 2205 2300kv Spedix ES30...
  3. DutchRC

    Diatone's 2018 Freestyle Quads - GT-Tyrant 530 & 630

    Hi there people :) so.. I'm pretty sure that if you are into quads, you noticed that Diatone released a Boatload of quads this year.. I think to manny actually, but I'm sure they thought things through :D All of those quads were racers / general purpose quads though (correct me if I'm wrong)...
  4. R

    Diatone power hub cabling

    has any one ever used one of these power hubs? http://www.diatone.hk/goods.php?id=305 while cabling my ESC's i found that i have 4 cables but only 3 solder pads on the power hub obviously 2 are for the power and one pad for the signal now, can i safely just solder the ground wire of the 2...
  5. E

    DIATONE FPV250v3 & Co.

    I have seen lot of flowers thrown over Mini Black Out, Luminier 250, and other expensive mini copter But since a while there is a new player, that combine high quality design with affordable materials. From the first FPV250, now there is a full new set of new frames, most of them have full...