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discus launch gliders

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    Rx, battery, and servo setup - for a noob, please help

    Hi guys, New to the forums and everything but come from the fpv drone world... I had an old, partially built, dlg glider in my attic and decided to build it completely. Everything went fine but I'm stuck a little with the electronics. So with drones, I'm used to there being a pdb that you...
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    DLG Newb Problem (altitude loss while turning)

    Hello. So recently I purchased my first Discus Launch Glider; a dream flight libelle. After much practice I was finally able to launch it high enough in the air to catch thermals. However, I seem to be encountering a problem when I fly. Even though the Libelle is very nice and floaty, I...
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    Discus Launch Glider Electronics Setup

    I am going to get the Dream Flight Libelle and don't want to use the receiver battery for it because of its 31-gram weight. I assume that I can get a lighter set up (in terms of weight) then that by using a lithium polymer battery and a uBEC. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I should...
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    Good cheap ($100 range) DLGs? and Dream Flight Libelle vs Supermini Topsky DLG

    Hello. So i am just getting into discus launch gliding and have found two affordable rc DLGs: the Dream Flight Libelle and the Supermini Topsky DLG. The reviews for both of them seem good and I'm curious as to which one would be a better choice to buy. I am mainly looking for the best...