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  1. johnreto

    windsurfer antennaes

    hey guys, i've been reading about these windsurfer reflector antennae mods and DIY. does it really help? how much more range can you get? And can i build one myself for my futaba t6k transmitter? thanks
  2. K

    Supreme Skills! World Record for Paper Plane Flight Distance

    I ran across this on YT and thought it of interest to many here, so I thought I would share: https://youtu.be/Jk8JhpF_N2A?t=2m30s Humorous Japanese TV show kitch aside, there really are some fantastic and novel ideas presented. It's brilliant, really! Check it out! Cheers +kenrom-
  3. P

    Long Range HD FPV + Telemetry for APM/Pixhawk/MAVLink

    You should fly a UAV can connect to multiple ground stations over the course of one flight, by hopping automagically from tower to tower (central base station) or even to a micro-tower (backpack base station) for super long range and features. (You can view IP camera stream to iOS and Laptop...
  4. bicyclemonkey

    Turnigy 9X with FrSky module

    Anyone here try this setup yet? I have a Turnigy 9X v2 transmitter that I had to order as mode 1 cause HK was out of stock on the mode 2's. I just converted it to mode 2 and installed the FrSky module. Supposedly with the patch antenna and 1W booster this setup will do 10km...