dog fight

  1. FPVAirCombat

    Scale FPV Dogfight with Gun Sight and Head Tracker

    Ultra realistic dogfight FPV footage from scale Spitfire cockpit with reflector gun sight and head tracking camera. We want to explore more complex aerial combat maneuvers with this awesome setup.
  2. R

    Bloody Wonder vs Blood Baron

    I would loves to see a dog fight episode where you have at least 2 of each in a streamer cut then fight to the death.
  3. uLightMe

    Show Suggestion: FPV dog-fight with ribbons

    This is my first post at FliteTest. I'm new to the hobby and I'm really enjoying the show you guys put out. I wanted to contribute and as you're always asking for Show Suggestions. Mine is: Air Combat with ribbons. Make it a competition with the winner getting the trophee shampane and...
  4. C

    FPV Dog Fight

    Hello, I am new to the forum and follow your videos religiously here from South Africa. If I may say I love my bixler 1 and FPV it is such a dream and I would love to see 3 bixlers dog fighting it out because it is such a fast and stable platform. The dog fight must be fpv and the person who...