1. Inq

    Part WW I Wheel v2

    This is a 3D Printed Wheel for World War I planes. Specifically, this is a half model. You'll print two them and glue/fuse them together to make a wheel. It is sized for a 1/16" wire, but can easily be drilled out for your specific needs. It is sized for my FTFC23 Fokker D.VIII but can...
  2. Mr NCT

    Plane DR1 150% 2022-02-20

    This is version 3 of scaling the FT MM DR1 to 150%. It's made for a Power Pack C and a 2200ma 3s battery. You can build it with folded wings like the Sportster or shape the wings like the master series. I used shaped aluminum tube for the cabanes so that I could conceal the servo wires from...
  3. Flyingshark

    Solved Can the FT DR1 run on power pack A?

    What it says in the title. I'm considering building a DR1, but on the store it only shows the F pack and a 3s as an option. I have an A pack 1806 motor and 2s and 3s batteries, so I was hoping one of those combinations might work. Has anyone built a DR1 with that kind of setup? Might I need to...
  4. J

    Upscaled FliteTest DR1 Help

    Hello, I am wanting to build an upscaled FT DR1. Anywhere from a 48" and up wingspan would be ideal. Unfortunately, I don't have a computer or know how to use software to do it myself. Would anyone be interested in upscaling these plans for me?
  5. mmalec85

    Scratch Built Fokker Dr1 Tri-plane

    Started out with a random 3 view drawing from the internet and wanted to build a fun relaxing plane to fly at the clubs recent event Warbirds for Warriors, supporting a local veterans home.. My teen aged nephew suggested i build a flite-test warbird and so i was challenged to build something...