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  1. Stormy Lake Mini Arrow

    Stormy Lake Mini Arrow

  2. FoamyDM

    FT Community, You're my only hope!

    What’s wrong with my micro setup? I wanted to try and make this plane Fly: So I picked up all the needed parts, small servos, light Rx, I first had an BR1103 then bought a DYS 5g motor, 2.5 and 5x3” prop, and ultimately HK version of a Turnigy plush 6A esc’s a Racerstar one for 1-2S and and...
  3. FoamyDM

    Did I make a Mistake? Stepper Motor Servo

    Can anyone help me use these stepper motors? I was looking to get this Micro dragon FPV in the air as more than a glider. I was rolling around Banggood and found This Super Tiny Servo: They looked like a linear servo , which really looks like this: I thought,"I can just attach them with a...
  4. A

    All Dragons Welcome!!!

    Please post any dragon build you or a friend has built! I have been working on my version of a dragon inspired by Toothless from the movie How To Train Your Dragon. My first flight did not go so well and controlling it was not impossible but very hard. My thoughts are it is really tail heavy...
  5. 8

    FT Toothless Sparrow

    Recently I have been trying to get my wife into my new hobby. I built us a couple of FT Sparrows and was contemplating a paint scheme. I was thinking stripes or simple patterns when she suggested something much cooler. Toothless, the nightfury dragon from the "How to train your dragon" movie...
  6. S

    Turnigy 9X and DragonLink Problems

    Hey guys, I have a Turnigy 9X, I have modded the radio in almost every way possible. Most notably after the radio fell off my piano snapping the antenna, a SMA for antenna and module removal (If you ask nicely I can write up an article on how to do it as well as all my other mods). I recently...