1. TheBigPancake

    Jumper T18 Lite Questions

    I recently picked up a Jumper t18 lite from grayson hobby to replace my aging dx6. I am still learning OpenTX but have a few questions I’m hoping more experienced Jumper owners can help me with. For reference, the t18 lite uses the jumper 4in1. 1. Initially, when flying my umx pt17 that I used...
  2. K

    Help! TinyHawk Freestyle II FRSky to DSMX?

    I'm interested in getting a mini quad to learn how to fly FPV, but I want to skip the tiny whoop step and get into flying freestyle. The Emax TinyHawk Freestyle sounds like a great platform, and is very cost effective. However, it runs on a FRSky receiver integrated into the FC/PDB and I have a...
  3. varg

    Taranis + IRX4 = universal remote

    I've been using the irangex IRX4+ for a little over a year with my X7 to use spektrum gear and I figured I'd share what I've learned in that year. I'm no programmer, I try to avoid that stuff, so I can't get into the firmware. The most important thing to do when using this module is to change...
  4. P

    Micro cam and 2 DSMX receivers to finish my beauties. I will have extra stuff.

    Loving this Kwad hobby!!! Had a couple disasters but have finally built out a beautiful Chameleon AND Japalura but ran out of money (and permission to spend it from the wife, lol). I don't have the DSMX (SBUS?) receivers and a micro camera I need to finish them as I only have an eagle and it's...
  5. J

    dsmx interference at flite fest

    I had a lot of trouble with interference this year at flite fest east. Last year I had very little trouble, I even flew in the world record flight. This year I crashed repeatedly. I was using orange recievers, but I went to the store and bought spektrum recievers. This didn't seem to help...
  6. iCrash

    Wanted: Spektrum Full Range Tx for Taranis mod

    I am looking for something like the Spektrum DX5e or anything similar that is full range. I need it for a mod. I am building a module for the Taranis to use DSM2 and DSMX. thanks!
  7. epiper93

    Spektrum DX6e (a review)

    Hey all! I just wanted to post my two cents since I have found hardly any information on spektrum's newest radio. At my local hobby shop, the DX6e caught my eye. Flying mainly with a Turnigy 9XR and a spektrum DX6i, I thought for $150 I would give it a shot. And honestly I love it. My...
  8. JimCR120

    Spektrum DX7 G2

    On a tip from a post in the forum I became aware of a deal on new Spektrum transmitters for under $200. I jumped on it. My new transmitter is here and I thought I would document what I find along the way. First off, the deal was from Force RC. I chatted with Horizon Hobby online and spoke with...
  9. Montiey

    DX9 - Bugs, glitches, and other annoyances

    Are the sticks supposed to turn where they meet the gimbal? Knob does not have physical middle bump The only momentary switch is hard to reach, raven harder to use as a trainer switch Post things you have found annoying here!
  10. Mik3

    The difference between DSM2 vs DSMX

    I found this while searching/scratching my head about the differences between the 2. If I understand this correctly, and please correct me, for 99.9% of RC fliers there will never be a need for DSMX and I shouldn't fret too much over going with a DSMX Tx over a DSM2 Tx?