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  1. Spr0ck3t

    Completly original FT Style FPV Capable Plane, "Phat Slug"

    Hey folks, how you doin'? I recently designed this plane in about a week and I'm planning on formating the plans and publishing all relevant project files here, as soon as I'm done with college exams. If you have anything specific that you'd want me to include in the plans, leave the request...
  2. Z

    Trash Plane

    An Amazon box, paintsticks, chopsticks and hot glue, flies pretty well with interesting characteristics, able to fly fast and super slow, it can turn on a dime and spin to win, video of it flying to come in the future.
  3. S

    Tron Lightship(s) Design Request

    Hi, first time poster here... I tend not to sign up for other forums since Reddit has basically all I need, but Flite Test was a special case! I'd like to request the Team do a design/build of both the big and small Lightships from the Tron: Legacy motion picture film. I thought the designs...
  4. R

    T-junction antennas

    has any one ever thoroughly tested clover leaf antennas with T-junctions? so basically 2 antennas either end and maybe in 1:2 combinations or even with 1 in a 90º offset to the other cheers!
  5. O

    Asymmetrical Dual Swappable

    Hey Everyone, Recent FliteTest subscriber, first time poster. I flew a bit of trainer at my local AMA club back in 1999 when I had a Junior AMA license. Also had a control line plane. My dad used to fly gliders, and has a glow plane. Anyway, here's a challenge for the FliteTest crew: Make...
  6. N

    Dual FASST Receiver Set Up

    Hello First post here, i got fed up at all the big shots on other forums acting complete prats. i am pricing up a 100cc set up at the moment and i am a bit confused on how/what i need for a dual r608 FASST set up, i would use a power box and i just dont know how to wire it up, how to bind E.X.T...