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eachine racer 250

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    Eachine Racer 250 FC Flashing

    I got a Eachine Racer 250, but I'm unable to connect to the FC with OpenPilot. Apparently, that was the included firmware. The flight controller doesn't have boot pads, so how am I supposed to flash it? The chip onboard is a gd32f103, a cheap STM32 compatible Cortex M3 MCU. Thanks, luketheduke
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    Eachine Racer 250 with throttle noise even after L-C filter added!

    OK - I have an Eachine Racer 250 for my first FPV rig. I was getting some serious Death Static at certain throttle points. I would get 2/5ths up on my throttle...and I would hit the first batch...a bit higher get another...etc. Definitely a serious problem for a beginner when they can't see...
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    Changing "airframe" in Openpilot on an Eachine Racer 250

    I just got an Eachine Racer 250, and I love it. My first FPV racer...been having fun with it and getting it tuned in. I have an issue though.... I switched props from the stock Diatones, since well...the stock props seem to be waaaay too soft. Got some DAL 5040s. Anyway, when you set up the...