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  1. A


    I would really like to see someone build a Boeing 747 with all four engines being EDF. I understand that it would have to be fairly large for the EDFs to be to scale, but you could carry around a model space shuttle on it's back! It would also be pretty nice for FPV if it were built that large...
  2. RCrazy


  3. S

    Viggen - In honor of our dearly departing swede

    So this is my first scratch built EDF, and I wanted something special. When I Googled viggen and looked through the pictures I found exactly what I was looking for... I hope I did it justice... While I have build several of the FT planes (as well as others) this one has been quite an...
  4. Widkin

    Foamboard SAAB JAS-39 Gripen EDF (images, plans, build)

    Hi there! If you are interested in building and flying this plane, please keep on reading. ;) Intro Inspired by the original Viggen made by David, I have made my own foamboard Gripen. I posted an article about it earlier this year: I have modeled this plane completely in 3D, so the...
  5. raptor3dpilot

    Just ordered my FT Viggen and Gear!!

    Oh man, I am so stoked that I just purchased the FT Viggen SBK (Killer deal for the amount of work put into the design) and I also purchased the Grayson Hobby 70mm EDF Power Package-Ultimate!! :cool: :p This is going to be my first EDF build/aircraft, so I'm ready for this thing to arrive...
  6. K

    Why not do an intro to EDF eletronics followed by an actual EDF scratch build

    I have watched numerous build videos for foam EDF jets yet, they do not really go into detail (they explain it but just not deep enough) for actually building a jet to house an EDF motor nor do they go into the electronics of it. Either the video quality is poor, the voice is too low, or they...
  7. Techno

    EDF Tricopter

    Earlier I was explaining how a multi-rotor works to a buddy of mine when I had a side thought. If you have a tricopter which has a servo-driven yaw axis, and uses the thrust to operate pitch and roll; you should theoretically, replace the propellers with Electric-Ducted-Fans and be able to...
  8. G

    David's Viggen scaled up 129%

    I just started the build today on the Viggen! It uses the same plans as David's but is scaled up to fit a 90mm edf unit. Not sure whether I want to put retracts on it or not. It will be powered by 12 blade alloy ducted fan unit from hk and will use a 7s, not sure on capacity yet. Will be...
  9. RotateB4TheEnd

    Round Fuselage Ideas?

    Hey all, I was curious if anyone had any ways to get a cylindrical fuselage made out of foam board. I'm sure I could make a ton of score lines and get a pretty close shape but has anyone gotten a good shape without making a bunch of cuts? My reasoning behind this is i'd like to take a stab...
  10. B

    Pusher EDF on a Tricopter

    Hi, If it is possible I would very much like You to accept a challange to give a tricopter an EDF strapped underneath to push it forward. What do You think, is it possible?
  11. wingspan100

    AirShowRC.com ® Official Thread

    Hey guys, I'm new here and have no friends. Friend me now ok? Please visit www.airshowrc.com We almost have a total of 200 different airplane models for you to check out! Something for everyone! Thanks, Richard See if one of your Facebook friends are one of our 5000 Facebook friends! --...
  12. WarbirdFan66

    EDF´s - pick the right one for you

    Hi there Pilots, i wanted to start this Thread mainly to help all the EDF-beginners, and of course also the more experienced pilots out there, to sort out the the good, form the hmm...lets say less good, EDF jets. (And for the record, if i talk about beginners here i mean the Pilots who can...
  13. mikey

    Best 1st EDF?

    Hi all, I've been flying RC fixed wing for about 6 months now and am ready to have a crack at an EDF. I'm trying to decide between these three which I will be belly landing onto a grass strip. Any advice appreciated! eRC Rebel 70 HK Stinger 64 HK Vampire (when it's finally released)...
  14. Hamdhan

    Mounting EDFs

    Dear Flitetest Community, I recently finished building my EPX 900NX, its an Eco friendly flier. It is my FIRST plane so it looks kinda messy but its quite good for a first try I'd say. The plane takes off but is really tail heavy so I shall correct it soon. But for now, I have mounted the EDF's...