1. K

    Questions about video editing ( ask here )

    Anything about the process of importing, cutting, splitting, or effects, filters you name it You can ask it I will try to answer all questions. My setup ( Adobe Premiere Pro cc 2017, Adobe After Effects cc 2017, and Adobe Photoshop cc 2017 ) I know you will not all have these fancy premium...
  2. jamiedco

    Music In Videos listing

    Hello all . i am having a hard time finding music for my videos . so i was wondering if anyone has had the same problem i have also come up with a solution, lets all list the artists and songs that we use . so it will be easier to get music for our videos . this way we will not have to listen...
  3. T

    Apple i movie!

    I just got a apple Computer and I love I Movie I also use many Different cameras for shooting Videos A Sony Webbie that can be fitted on a hat so I can fly and Film A GOPRO HD Camera for onboard Video and it can also be Fitted on a Hat I have a Canon HD Camera for all my other HD Video Needs...
  4. Michael Cameneti

    Video Production Q&A

    Hi. I'm Michael (DP, Editor, Composer for Flite Test). Feel free to ask questions about what gear we use, what we edit on and how we produce the show here! I'll be glad to answer questions. :)