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  1. C

    Solved need help with custom elevon mixing

    hello there beware of bad English 🤣 currently i'm building a wing ( more specifically i will use the FT spear) using my nine eagles j5 pro transmitter (sadly i crash landed the plane...) so i'm using arduino 101 in order to control the plane, but who ever knows the j5 pro, it doesnt have mixing...
  2. Z

    Trash Plane

    An Amazon box, paintsticks, chopsticks and hot glue, flies pretty well with interesting characteristics, able to fly fast and super slow, it can turn on a dime and spin to win, video of it flying to come in the future.
  3. Vampircorn

    DX4e Elevon Mixing Problem

    I just built the FT Mighty Mini F-22 tonight, and I have encountered a problem with the elevons and my DX4e transmitter. When I flip the mix switch the elevons work, but the stick's controls are swapped. What I mean by this is that (in Mode 2) moving the right stick up/down controls the roll...
  4. jaskoller

    Kraken Elevon Question

    First off I'll apologize ahead of time if this post prints twice, I started a thread but it must not be saved as it just disappeared! Ok my question, I'm not getting much movement on my elevons on my Kraken. Can someone tell me how much movement I should see? I have not tried to fly it yet.
  5. J

    Delta mixing for Futaba T6EX radio

    I am building a versa wing, and this is the first time I have used the elevon mix with my Futaba T6EX radio. I read the manual and set it up as it says. The elevator throws are correct, however the aileron throws are opposite. I reversed the aileron servos and now the ailerons work like the...
  6. K

    Versa Wing converted to Funfighter

    As a result of my first Versa Wing diving straight into the ground during maiden flight, the whole center of the wing exploded. Leaving only the wingtips and most of the Elevons intact. So I tried to salvage as much as possible of both wings, with an idea to make a mini wing later. The...
  7. S

    Elevon Mixing?

    Ok as some of you surely already know from my other posts regarding my failed FT Delta attempts, I began wondering if I was perhaps getting too much throw and that's why my jerky, unexperienced fingers were shooting it into the ground each time... The spektrum automatically cuts the throws in...
  8. Z

    Nutball elevons?

    Is it possible to add another servo and split the elevator to make elevons? :)
  9. T

    does any one know where to buy a mechanical elevon mixer

    I need I have elevon's on my plane but my radio can't do mixing so is it possible to get a elevon mixer.