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  1. L


    Awhile back, canards interested me as to what they can do and their design limitations. Interesting stuff. Did quite a bit of exploring and dreamed up this one to see what would happen. Why can't they be used as elevons? Went hunting for research data and in the Langley facilities, found...
  2. jpot1

    Long EZ - FT Style

    Inspired by the recent FT video I decided to try to make some plans for a long EZ scaled to about a 30” wingspan. Initial results were promising and a forum member successfully maidened but it was too twitch and CG sensitive for me. The result was a scaled up version with specs below. So the...
  3. phacious

    Elevon mixing on T-tail

    Elevons on a T-tail, bad idea? What do you call a plane with a puller (tractor) motor mounted on a T-tail? A powered T-tail perhaps? Anywho, I'm building a 30" span belly sliding FPV plane with the motor mounted to the top front of the T-tail (prop will be about 3/4 mark of the overall length)...