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epp fpv

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    EPP FPV Build New problem...Motor starts up when giving right Aileron input

    Hi All, I have one problem and one query I hope someone can help me with to finally get this bird into the skies. Problem: When giving right Aileron input my motor starts spinning, not fast, I'd say about 5% power. Is this a TX issue? I'm using the Turnigy 9x with the 8 channel rx, a...
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    FPV - Full setup for a noob?

    Heya FliteTest community! I have been pondering for ages about getting FPV but never really tried it myself. So it led me to ask the wounderful community in-which is you for guidance! Basically i have there about £200 - $300 to spend on a FULL setup, including FPV gear and a plane without...