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  1. C

    ESC Constant Beep No Solution

    First post. Seriously need some help. I have scoured everywhere and cannot find a solution. I have a Naze32 rev6 FCB, HobbyKing Skywalker 40A ESC's, 2212 Motors, and a FlySky FS-T6 TX and RX. When I get power to my vehicle either through the USB port on the board, or the main power plug. The...
  2. R

    FrSky receiver wont flash. Exhausted from this problem

    Hello there! This is like 7th place I post this in. I have read every single google link with related keywords. No answer. At this point im exhausted, and have'nt even tasted RC hobby yet. So two weeks ago I received my QX7 Taranis. I had also ordered a XSR-E receiver for it. As soon as I got...
  3. J

    FT Flyer, crooked wings

    I'm building my first plane (FT Flyer) and have noticed that my wings aren't even. Will it still fly ok? Everything looked square when I built my power pod, and again when I made the Flyer's rear fuselage, and it looked fine when I attached the rear box to the wings. But when I attach the power...