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  1. C

    what am I doing wrong.

    Hi, i am just putting the electronics into a FT Mighty Mini Arrow. I have a Spektrum Dx6i (with AR6200) and just got a RS20A 20A BLHELI_S. ESC. I wired it up as I had before (with a much older and chunkier ESC) but now my receiver is not blinking at all. The ESC beeps as I plug a battery in...
  2. F

    Motor Help

    Hi! Does anyone have know any good RC plane (beginner park flyer) motors that are around 1,000-1500kv and only need a 20 amp esc? I know Flite Test store has the Emax GT2215 1100kv motor and I thought about just getting that but then I think I'd need a 30 amp esc (Wich is perfectly okay but I'm...
  3. M

    ESC beeping once per second and not spinning

    Hi, I am brand new into RC plane, therefore excuse my question. I have a HobbyWing ESC and Turnigy D2826 MOTOR. When I connect the battery to the ESC and motor is also connected I hear a beep 1 per second. I did some research and found out that it could be the throttle to be set but I can...
  4. Cookieman10101

    Can quad copter ESC's be overloaded from a motor upgrade

    Hey all. I was wondering what if you had say, a 10A 4 in one ESC that runs great with a 2-3s battery on 1103 motors. would anything happen to the ESC's if you were to upgrade to 1106? would anything happen if you upgraded even further? specifically i wouldn't be changing the battery, because i...
  5. M

    PROPELLER EXPLOSION! too much power?

    Hey everyone, I am trying to get my f330 working, and it seems that the Emax cooling 2208 1500kv motors, were so powerful that they exploded all the 8050 props on my quad. My girlfriend standing about 10 feet away got stabbed with one, and i was literally holding the base of it, and didn't get...
  6. L

    ESC caught fire during preflight checklist

    Hello all, I recently built a twin edf engine plane. However, while running over the preflight checklist I did an engine check and my esc's both started smoking furiously. Both engines were the same, the were the 64mm EDF Viggen package from grayson hobby. Why did they catch fire? I was using...
  7. F

    Troubles flashing Cleanflight on Naze32

    Hi guys ! I'm new to FPV and bought a RTF Kit from Eachine 1 month ago. Now that I know how to properly fly with it I wanted to flash it with Cleanflight just to modify PIDs/Rate/etc. So I Naze32 FC from Cleanflight and everything went well. I've setup transmitter settings so Cleanflight...
  8. K

    For Sale: SunnySky X2212-13 980KV & VeloTech 30A ESC

    Looking to sell four motors and four ESCs. Would be great for someone looking to build a larger quad, multi-engine fixed wing, a bunch of single-engine fixed wings, or some really crazy desk fans. Motors are: SunnySky X2212-13 980KV http://www.buddyrc.com/sunnysky-x2212-13-980kv-ii.html...
  9. V

    Micro triplane

    I am making a twin motor micro triplane with micro quad motors and 6 amp escs. I want to use a bec but the escs I have don't have the red wire required. I still need to keep things light so how should I power the receiver?
  10. M

    Motor Issues

    Hello, I have an Emax motor and ESC. I can sometimes get the motor to spin up to full throttle, but most times the motor seems to skip and turn only slowly. When I do get the motor to spin up I have to carefully feather the throttle to achieve full throttle up. I have set the start force to...
  11. V

    Hello and some questions about a 250 Racing Quad

    Hi everyone! This is my first post on this forum, and I wanted to ask a question regarding my Quadcopter. I'm using a 250 frame with a 3 Cell 2250mAH Lumenier battery, and it has 12 Amp BLHeli ESCs, along with EMAX MT2204 KV2300 Motors. As I have only flown this drone for roughly three months...
  12. L

    Naze32 and ESC Full Throttle Issue

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the miniquad scene, and just recently built my first 250 class copter. It has a Naze32 Rev 6, Emax Micro 20A ESCs with Oneshot, and 2204 2300kv motors and a 3S battery. I've been trying to set up my quad to fly in Cleanflight. I've been having an issue where when I...
  13. T

    My Motor went up in smoke, can I trust my ESCs?

    Hello, i Have a problem and hope you can help me. A while ago I flashed BLheli on my Afro 30A ESCs. I then tested one of them with my old Turnigy motor to make sure it wouldn't damage the Motor, did a few tests, looked if the Motor gets warm and so on. Then I flashed BLheli on all my ESCs...
  14. J

    Kiss 24A Race Edition ESC Continuity Issue. Advise needed.

    Hello I'm building my first quad (Mr Steele config) ImmersionRC Alien 5" etc. My Alien PDB has not got any continuity issues. The - to - terminals is a closed circuit and so is all the + to + terminals. The PDB - and + is open and not connected when testing continuity. All good there. The...
  15. J

    Question on Motor and ESC replacement

    I broke the front right arm on my Eachine Falcon 250 Pro and banged up the motor too, from the sound of it. I have to replace the arm and I am going to replace the motor too. The ESC (all the motors and ESCs are stock) should be just fine and I want to keep it. If I buy a new motor should I...
  16. N

    Racerstar 30a esc freak out with Kiss FC

    I have recently finished a quad build, but once I arm the quad and apply throttle the motors don't spin until i give full throttle and the escs begin to beep. There is no control over the motors and as far as I can tell everything is wired correctly. I have manually calibrated the esc using the...
  17. Konrad

    Castle Creations Exemplary Customer Service (Tech Support!)

    For lack of a better place I'll post this here. BTW I love their ESC governor mode, so this applies to their use in heli's and control line models. I’d like to give a shout-out in praise of Castle Creations for exemplary customer service. Unlike most firms today that think customer...
  18. Vampircorn

    Motor Stutter

    I'm running an emax rs2205 2600kv motor with a 40a ESC on a 3S lipo and 5x4 props, and I'm getting issues with the motor stuttering on low throttle. I tried a 12a and an 18a ESC and had the same issue. Is my battery too low voltage or is my ESC too low amperage for the rs2205?
  19. P

    ESCs burning out Help!!!

    Hey everyone, I am making my first quadcopter and am following FT 210 Quadcopter - BUILD video. I am using LUMENIER 30 AMP BL HELI ESC'S. I was using Betaflight to test out the motors. Just after 20s motors spinning on very low throttle all of the ESCs got really hot. Is this normal since there...
  20. milkydeathgrind

    4 TURNIGY Plush 18 amp Speed Controller and programming card

    I'm selling 4 Turnigy plush 18a ESC's with the Turnigy programming card. These ESC's have been put into one build which was never flown so these are basically like new. The ESC's also have 3.5mm bullet connectors soldered onto the three motor wires. These ESC's are about $15 new but I am...