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  1. Power_Broker

    Experimental Arduino RC Plane Build Log

    Hey guys, I'm using this thread as a sort of build log for my next Arduino airplane. I've been working with UAV avionics as a hobbyist, intern, and university researcher for about 2 years now. This will be the first plane, though, that I will lay out exactly how all the systems come together...
  2. M

    Carbon Fiber wings

    Hey guys, I'm just new around here and I have never actually built a plane before. Today I got to watching some of the videos on the DIY foamies from FT and Experimental Airlines (The Armin wing). I am learning a lot about how models are built, and it doesn't look nearly as intimidating anymore...
  3. W

    extending flight time for quads

    I had a weird idea of attaching a helium balloon to a quad to keep it in the air for a super long time. Anyone else thought of this too? Seems do-able. A helium balloon with just enough gas in it to help your quad, or plane I suppose, stay in the air for much longer than by just from battery...
  4. bpw823

    Six-Foot Junkers Ju-52

    Greetings fellow Flite Test-ers! My recent self-diagnosis of insanity has been provoked by my ambition to build a 71.5" Junkers Ju-52. Now, I am 16 with no workshop or storage space at home, so this will be very fun. ^.^ I can be recognized by some as the one who built the Flite Fest F2A...
  5. flyingsquirrelRC

    AD-1 Oblique Wing

    You guys should make the AD-1 Oblique Wing NASA experimental plane. I am not sure if it would scale down well, but you could probably freak out your friends ("DUDE U JUST DESTROYED YOUR WING!"), then laugh as it keeps flying. ;) Peter I think this is right up your alley. Feel free to add...