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  1. T

    ExUHF range check mode help

    Hi everyone, I'm just getting into uhf and I bought a ezuhf Jr module with an 8 channel diversity receiver. I have tried to get it into range check mode (after binding and with the rx connected to the computer to show rssi for each antenna) however I'm not sure if I've managed to get it in the...
  2. ericf

    9xr transmitter and orange open lrs for fpv

    Hey everyone, I am doing some research on fpv and I have a question. Is anyone using the turnigy 9xr and orange open lrs module for fpv? Just wondering how reliable everyone thinks it is. I hate to "go cheap" on my radio link, but the price sure is enticing and the 9xr seems favorable. My...
  3. D

    Need help with running an EZUHF RX with New 3DR PIXHAWK (PPM) setup??

    Josh, Or someone that can help. I am thinking about getting the New 3DR PIXHAWK flight controller but am wondering how to setup the EZUHF RX PPM out to connect to the PIXHAWK with one servo cable. I will be flying this in a Skyhunter FPV aircraft. The radio I'm using is a Futaba T9CAP with the...