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  1. JGplanes

    Blowing up a 3D Printed Cub... Literally!

    I've been working on a 3D printed Cub, but v1 had some issues which led to its quick demise. Not wanting to let a good failure go to waste, I took my childhood penchant for destroying model planes to a new level. ;) Check it out...
  2. M

    Not getting motors to spin up in CleanFlight ?

    So this is my first post to this forum & I am providing my first answer to this forum: This is my first quad configuration (for a Vortex 150) & have watched numerous videos & read the docs for it. I'm using CleanFlight for the configuration: I'm able to connect, I've defined switches for...
  3. R


    - OOO
  4. M

    CHECK SOLDER JOINTS ON 30AMP BLHeli ESC's if you use them.

    Have you ever had a BLHeli ESC, ever had it on a craft and lost power in-flight? Last week I had that happen, the result was a hard impact crash, it did cause some damage; to my FT Explorer CORE but over all nothing I can't fix.. Had It been on my racer250 quad or one of my other craft, well...
  5. StoneKap

    Flite Test FAILURE!! Y-6 Debacle :[

    Do not show your kids this episode. Do not try this at home. David had to go home because he was a bad influence on us. This is proof that we are not experts or very intelligent... FLITE TEST Y6 FAILURE! :p