1. N

    3D Printed Boeing Secret Stealth *PROJECT*

    This is my most ambitious project yet... I have had a 3D printer for about a year and a half and have had many attempts to create a 3D printable aircraft with little success to date. UNTILL NOW. I have been working on this model for a little over a week and it is to a point now where I am...
  2. Mastrmindz

    Good 30A ESC's?

    Hola! Does anyone know what the best 30A ESC's are with 5V BEC? I was looking at Lumenier's, but could not find a lot of feedback. Preferably something available on Thanks.
  3. C


    RotorDR1 (IMPORTANT) Hey guys i was just wandering what Everyone thought if RotorDR1 met the DJI Inspire 1 Comment and Post Below Thanks! :o:o
  4. Kurt0326

    Fr Sky Taranis Haptic Feedback Mod

    I got my package in today from, can't wait to install. One other thing I will need to do is to update my Taranis to ver 1.2. I hear that it's still in testing still so... more to come in the future. Update: 6-5-14 So I installed the Mod and installed v1.2 firmware. Haptic...