1. Man O' War

    FW-190/A8 1:16 Model.

    The most incredible thing about this build is that the whole thing is built of 100% cardboard. If anyone has any questions, you can reply here, or e-mail me at: Credit: MiniacRC
  2. cloudseeder

    Is this plane for real or scam????

    I stumbled upon a 5000kv equipped modern-fighter themed plane that *appears* to have impeccable performance. It land on water/land, waterproof if gets submerged, has Spektrum’s AS3X plus SAFE-select , can even ascend a 45 degree rocky slope on its belly, and appears very sturdy. Seems perfect...
  3. M

    Scratch built 70mm EDF fighter jet

    I was inspired to attempt to create my own designs after finishing up an FT Viggen. This is a model designed by me although I must admit it turned out very similar to an F-16 style aircraft. I model the aircraft using blender in 3D and then utilize UV mapping and some plugins to "unfold" the 3D...
  4. Robbie

    3 Meter Fokker Eindecker fighter

    Hey Guys, Me and some mates are building a 3 meter Fokker Eindecker fighter foamy out of wooden dowl and depron. We are using these plans, However have heavily modified them for the dowl frame Foam Eindecker Top (2).pdf...
  5. JamesWhom

    Warbird Trainer (FieldHawk)

    Easy Warbird Trainer - Build log So, this isn't really that mad of a scratch build, but this is probably the place for this: This is a FieldHawk, it is a balsa framed, foam board covered model. It isn't finished yet, but it should be soon. We probably don't need another warbird trainer these...