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first scratch build

  1. M

    quick question

    Hello everyone, quick question: can I put a 9X4.7 prop on a 2150kV motor and a 15amp ESC that all runs on a 3s battery? I am a beginner and I don't really know that much about the science behind the electronics, so any help is much appreciated. Regards. Mohammed
  2. B

    First electronics, first scratch build, first crash

    Hi Guys, I just had my first experience building and trying to make it fly. I've been watching FliteTest videos for months now and would like to thank them for making the R/C plane hobby more approachable. My plan is to scratch build the FT Flyer and learn from there but i got impatient waiting...
  3. BabyBrit

    FT Swapable Mooney

    DWRC Swapable Mooney This is my first design/build Background As recommended by some of the members, I thought I would begin to create my first scratch build. Only having found the flight test community, I was immediately interested in developing my first design. One of the planes I have...