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Pumpkin drop event

flite fest 2019

  1. mschultz99

    Scratch Build 1400mm P-39

    Hello FliteTest Forums, due to where I'm going to be living starting this summer, I can finally go to flite fest for the first time! And for it, I'll be building a 1400mm P-39 using dollar tree foam and balsa. The P-39 has always been one of my favorite WWII airplanes but there has never been a...
  2. Flite Risk

    Flite Fest 2019

    TO FT STAFF AND PERSONALITIES: MTH Time is up, it has been 2019 for five minutes now. You have had 169 days since Flite Fest OH 2018. We need dates for FFOH'19 and we need them now. ;;--)) We have to give the dates of FFOH '19 to friends, family, co-workers and bosses and tell them to...