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  7. SquirrelTail

    Plane Little Bit Tailless Ugly Stick V1

    Couldn't be more simple. If you've built a foamboard plane you can figure out the build on it haha. It takes a A or F pack. At the bottom of the X's you put your BBQ skewer in, and the hatch is secured by a rubber band
  8. CustomRCMods

    The OFFICIAL CustomRCMods Fleet Record and RC Journey Thread

    Hey guys, Been meaning to make a thread like this for a while now, Ive been running out of space in my signature for my full fleet, so I thought I would make this thread and keep it up to date with my entire RC Fleet, and also post about my journey along the way. This is in no way an attempt...
  9. ZOHIO

    Mock Radial For Master Series P47

    Hey guys, i finally finished and am releasing my design for a mock radial engine. The engine files can be found on Thingiverse here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4460787 . The design allows for a adequate amount of room for the flite test radial engine as well as it also fitting snugly into...
  10. Noel Gillett

    FT Mini Arrow - Toyota Supra A90 Skin

    I have always wanted to see how I can contribute to the growing Flite Test Community. With my own intrinsic motivation, I wanted to know how to create custom skins for RC foamies. Through months of research and practice (at leisure), I have been able to develop a Toyota Supra A90 Skin for the FT...
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  14. K

    FT Gremlin extremely underpowered, help!

    Hello I bought a flitetest gremlin that one of the founders, Matt, had built for me at flitefest 2019. The quad was great and zippy for a few weeks but then began getting sluggish and have no punch. The batteries are not the problem because I use them in other planes and they work great, and...
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  18. The Hangar

    Plane Simple Stick V1.4

    The Simple Stick flies great at any speed - with a Power Pack B it's slow enough to fly in very small spaces but with a C pack it really cruises nicely! It glides really well and has very gentle stalls. The wingspan is around 1 meter - 970mm above the spar. For a full flight review, check out...
  19. JGplanes

    FT DHC-2 Beaver review and first impressions video

    I promised you guys, when this came out, I'd post a review on my YouTube channel. Well, it's out! And the verdict is... Since the video, I've had a chance to mess around with it a little more, and I finally found something minor to pick on. The foam landing gear legs, just behind where the...
  20. G

    Newest foam build

    Thought I would share the most recent build. It is a modified FT bushwacker with straighter lines and the FT Corsair cowling to create a DH Beaver. Covered white foam board with clear and colored packaging tape. As soon as it’s nice out we will see how she flies.