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fly sky

  1. J

    Flysky+Torrent 110?

    Hey guys, I got a QX90 since it was the cheapest tiny whoop i could find. While it was incredibly fun, i was disappointed with its durability. I wanted something with a bit more power, and a much better frame. The thing is, i only own a flysky TX. The only place I could find a FS version...
  2. C

    Hobby King Cloud surfer and FS I6AB... Are they compatible?

    Hello fellow gremlins I am new to RC planes and I was wondering if the Hking Cloud Surfer was compatible with the FlySky I6AB and if so how to wire it up together?
  3. _sOnGoKu_

    RoboCat 270 Project DIY - All You need for build your one!

    Hi friends, I'd like to share my experience in the construction of my first racing drone. I've never assembled one before, (so everything is a surprise for me) to get started in the world of drones and after make some search, in my opinion this kit is a perfect base for it. In this thread i...
  4. M

    Flysky i6 into a 10ch ibus MONSTER!!

    I've learned so much from the users here that I thought It was time for me to share something I recently figured out about the o so popular Flysky i6. A little back story on the i6. I purchased mine in late 2014 and it did not come with the firmware for ppm output on the fs-iA6B receiver, which...
  5. M

    Flysky FS-R8B

    Hey Guys, anyone else running this receiver (Fly Sky FS-R8B)? It has no channel labels on the unit and no where in the manual does it label it either, weird?! Found sporadic hits on the internet but nothing solid.:mad: