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  1. GiantAntCowboy

    Oops, crashed into the ocean! (a fjord technically...)

    Got a little crazy last week and crashed into a Norwegian fjord! Fortunately I was testing a new GoPro at the time and ended up with some nice footage! “DHC Turbo Beaver Saltwater Crash and Rescue” Need to build an RC rescue boat I think 🤔 thoughts?
  2. Tug_Flyer

    Return to flight cub

    I wanted to share the mod sequence on my Harbor Cub. Laugh if you want, but have been gunshy about destroying the Sig Seniorita I built as a kid so I have messed around with these harbor freight foamies. After much searching I found the Harbor Cub was originally sold by Hobbico as the Flyzone...
  3. S

    Flyzone Ultra micro warbirds

    Hello Flight test forums, this is my first post and I thought id ask if anyone here has experience switching recievers in the flyzone ultra micro series. I feel somewhat apposed to needing the anylink adapter to fly these little beauties with my Spektrum Dx6i transmitter and was wondering if it...
  4. paytonc11

    Flyzone Calypso or Parkzone Radian Pro

    I am having trouble deciding between the Parkzone Radian Pro and the Flyzone Calypso. I want ailerons on the glider so that's the reason I'm going for these two. For anyone that has flown or has any information please let me know how you feel on these two gliders! Thanks! Payton
  5. IamNabil

    Voltage and performance

    Hi there. I was flying my Calypso this weekend, and ran into an interesting phenomena. The lipo I was using was a new 1300 mah 3s, it came with the plane, and was fully charged when I put it in the plane. I flew for quite a while, and suddenly noticed that when I gave it throttle, the propeller...