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  1. FMS BF-109

    FMS BF-109

  2. 1400mm FMS BF-109

    1400mm FMS BF-109

    Great flier, horrible take off and lander.
  3. OGnapkin

    FMS Corsair 800mm RC Plane $100

    FMS plane is in good condition, only flown once. Can be flown on either 2S or 3S. Comes with 3 8x6 props for 3S and 2 7.5x4 4 bladed props for 2S. 3 Brand New 3S batteries for for purchase as well for $10 each. Includes Undercarriage Bombs. Requires receiver and transmitter. Message me if you...
  4. OGnapkin

    FMS Corsair 800mm V2 Upgrade

    will the 800mm corsair v2 by fms fly on a 3s? also, what prop should I put on to make sure it doesn't draw too many amps?
  5. JimCR120

    RocHobby V Tail 2200mm Owner's Thread

    When I bought the UMX Radian several years ago my intention was merely wanting to spend a relatively small amount of $ that was about to burn a hole in my pocket in the not-so-local hobby shop. On the ride home I was frustrated to find it didn't even have ailerons. "What had I done?"...
  6. C

    FMS T28 800mm

    Hey guys. I'm interested in getting this plane, anyone else got it? https://www.horizonhobby.com/product/airplanes/fms-brand/plug-n-play/t-28-v2-red-pnp-800mm-fmm032pred If so, do you remember if the fms 20A esc came with an ec3 or a jst connector? I have 2200 mah 3s packs with xt60 and I want...
  7. A-9

    FMS for Vista

    Hi guys, I found out that there are allot of peolpe on the H-King forums who have questions about how to use fms for windows vista. So I made a video for you guys! Subscribe that would make my day!
  8. colorex

    FMS - Flying Model Simulator - The Free RC Simulator

    :: Flying Model Simulator :: FMS Homepage FMS is the most popular simulator to date, because of its price. It is available for download for free. FMS is NOT the nicest simulator, but it works and it's free. This thread will be dedicated to discussing topics about FMS, such as functions...