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  1. C

    Hot Wire Foam cut Viggen

    This was my first time using a hot wire, I used the link for the formers from Flite Test, printed and traced the onto sheets of balsa wood and within an hour had the pieces cut and glued together, before I knew it I had the fuselage complete and it was ready for sanding, after a lot of sanding I...
  2. N

    Mikey'sRC abandon SLow Flyer

    Hi guys. I've been working on a build that I saw in this video.. Unfortatly Mikey dosen't have the plans or the plane. I looked at both of his videos that feature the plane frame by frame and was able to get most of the measurments. Also he listed most of the components in the comment sections...
  3. Y

    Foam for UK flyers????

    I've been wanting to build the FT spitfire for a while now but I can't seem to find any foam board in the UK. What is it that people use here? Depron foam is the main thing I have found on Ebay and amazon really.
  4. T

    Ultra Micro Builds!

    This is the place to post all your ultra micro builds! Anything roughly smaller than 600mm wingspan.
  5. M

    Building an FPV Wing. Need advice and help.

    Hello, everyone! I'll cut straight to the chase... so, I'm building a flying wing type craft that is 4ft (1.2m) of wingspan, with the intent of FPV flying. Estimated all-up weight is about 900-1000 grams (around 2 lbs). Now, what my main question is... where do I start to look for making the...
  6. E

    Que tipo de foam se debe usar?

    Hola a todos! Soy nuevo en el forum y estoy emocionado por armar uno de los diseños de flite test pero honestamente, no tengo idea de que tipo de foam es el que utilizan ellos para sus modelos. Alguien me puede apoyar con eso? Muchos saludos!
  7. J

    Laser Cut Foam?

    Hi All, I'm working on a school project and was wondering if anyone has the laser settings necessary to cut 3/16" Dollar Tree Foam. I've done some research online but have had trouble finding the necessary settings for cutting / scoring foam. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! We...
  8. F

    What to do if your foam sheet has no "protecting paper" on it?

    Hi guys, I'm brazilian and here there is no dollar tree, in other words, the foam here is expensive and hard to find, I bought Depron and it didn't come with that paper on it, I am going to make a FT Mustang and I am afraid of braking it while doing the wing. Do you have any idea of how I should...
  9. B

    Flitetest Foamboard - when will it be available ?

    Hey Guys, since Podcast #49 I´m really excited since Josh announced, that Flitetest will be selling DTF as Flitetest Foamboard. They want to sell it with various distributers. So comparable with the HK Warehouses you can order from a place nearby you (all around the world). This would be real...
  10. P

    Foam Board Czech Republic/EU or UK or EBAY - where to buy, please?

    What kind of material is it and where to buy such material (possibly in Europe - Czech Republic) for it for such nice strach build planes, please?
  11. F

    Where to get Foam Board in Brisbane, Australia

    Hey guys I have searched all over for foam board in Brisbane from hardware stores to art shops to reject shops. I was wondering if anyone in the Brisbane area knows where to get foam board and if so could guide me to your foamy sources! Thank you!
  12. L

    Swappable Hydroplane Build

    Hey Guys, Years back I attempted to build a hydroplane that is land, water, or air worthy. I was just getting into the RC stuff and the idea has hit me again and given the talent on the flite test show I think it would prove to be a great addition. The challenge would be to make it use...
  13. T

    UK EU Foam Board Distribution?

    Hello FT Community What would your thoughts be (FT Community) on a UK / EU Distribution of similar to Dollar Tree Foam board (lighter than the stuff we can get now) and at a much lower price. We would be looking at around the £2.00 or better per A1 sheet in packs of 10. I have a manufacturer...
  14. ResidualBacon

    Warped Foam Fix?

    The trailing edges of both my FT Flyer (elevators) and my FT Delta (elevons) have become too warped to fly. The servos can't move the control surfaces enough anymore. The FT Delta had a coat of Minwax on it but maybe I didn't do it well enough? Both have been flown on dewy, wet mornings. Is...
  15. SynergyHub

    "I'd gladly pay you tomorrow for a Blimp today"

    Now that has to date me if you catch the reference. How about a "Blimp" foamie using balloons inside of it for lift. Helium of course.. but knowing Davids fondness of melting things.. he would most likely want Hydrogen. Getting the size right to lift the foam would be a difficult challenge I...
  16. N

    Foam Board

    I have ordered the electronics for my first scratch build, being in the UK I am unable to source Dollar Tree Foam Board cheaply so I was wondering are there any good substitutes and what are there disadvantages/advantages compared to DTFB. Plus could someone post the weight of a A1 5mm sheet of...
  17. Fbords

    Question about Minwaxing

    I've been looking at the videos on how to seal foam board with Minwax, and would like to do it to my FT3D and upcoming builds, but have a few questions I don't see answers to. Ideally, it seems to make more sense to keep the foam whole while applying (as in the FT video) to ensure i don't miss...
  18. C

    Weight of Ready Board

    Hi everybody. I've been flying for little over a year and the cost of crashing has seriously started to injure my wallet. The Flite Test swappable series keeps seeming like a better and better idea, however we don't have the availability of ready board anywhere in South Africa. I have...
  19. 4

    Scratchbuilt Chuck Glider

    My 7 year old wants to build a glider out of Dollar Tree Foamboard. (which, when at Dollar Tree with my wife the other day, used his own money to buy a sheet of foam board :-) Dave Powers had some kids glider plans back in the day, but I was thinking something with an airfoiled (sp?) wing would...
  20. V

    Foam BOard is it 5mm or 6mm ?

    Hi is the Foam paperbacked board 5mm or 6mm ? Also, has anyone found a UK Supplier yet of identical board? thanks