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folding prop

  1. spdxdmn

    APC Folding Propeller Hubs Too Large For Small Motors

    I recently bought a range of APC folding props and hubs with the intent of making several different sized motor gliders. I have a few A pack and C pack motors available and was planning to use the FT 1806 radial for the first one, but I discovered that the hub is too wide for the motor shaft and...
  2. P

    Newbie here with a bixler 2 question

    I have a bixler 2 just starting to fly ,I like to take it up and glide down. When I'm gliding I hear the prop turning wondering if that is causing a significant amount of drag should I look for a folding prop and if so what one to get Thanks 😊
  3. N

    Folding props

    Howzit guys, I am building a larger aerial hex to carry NEX / DSLR sized cameras but the larger the frame, the more challengning to transport. I'm going to get the umbrella style folding frame so either: I take the props off when transporting get folding props I was wondering if anyone has...