1. B

    Wanna see FT Ford Trimotor

    I think it would generate a lot of interest. Could have several versions from 3 motors, twin with center dummy, or a big single in the middle with dummy wing engines. This could be large and fly pretty scale, many possibilites. What do ya say?
  2. B

    Foamy Ford Trimotor?

    Hello all, New guy here so I hope this is in the right place. I would love to see a FT style foam ford trimotor build. It could be a twin with a dummy mid engine or a sinlge with dummy wing engines, or a true trimotor. If I had my way, it would be rather large as well. Anyone else...
  3. Airwolf

    Ford Hoplite Autogyro

    Do anyone here knows "Crimson Skies" series of the card and computer games? The series is set in alternative-timeline universe, in the 1930's where United States has collapsed and cars were mostly replaced by airplanes and airships. It features plenty of fictional planes of unusual design...