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fpv camera

  1. 2jujube7

    FPV reccomendations

    I currently have a cheap $20 all in one camera that I've been using on all of my planes (pretty much all scratchbuilt ft planes) The camera that I have now is 600TLV, and I really enjoy flying with it. However, the range isn't so good, as well as the quality. I spent an hour or so looking for...
  2. B

    I had a lot trouble to log in

    I tried so many times, finally log in. Last week, I registered, but cannot log in after many times try. This week, I registered again, it remind me that I didn't registered successfully since I didn't accept forum regulation. lol The remind is so tiny, I must missed it last week. finally, I log...
  3. Andre

    SOOCOO C10 Action Cam (GearBest.com)

    Full disclosure. Gearbest.com contacted me after reading my Turnigy HD ActionCam forum post and asked me to review one of their new cameras. They covered the shipping costs but DHL still billed me $23 Canadian for "fee" and taxes. This is my first true "not purchased" product review. Now...